Évora Travel Guide to Alentejo

Templo Romano de Évora e Igreja dos Lóios
Evora – Welcome to Alentejo, Portugal! is your first step to get to know Evora and prepare your trip to this beautiful town in the Alentejo, the region you have been told about.

This website has a few clear objectives: to make you fall in love and want to visit Evora but also help you plan your routes and explorations. Come see the landscapes. Come to eat, drink and breathe the peaceful atmosphere and air of Alentejo, Portugal.

Whatever the reasons may be to find yourself in this beautiful region, you will be surprised with the content of this Evora Travel Guide to Alentejo, Portugal.

My name is Luís Seco. Accept this invitation to get to know my town.

Why visit Evora?

The whole town is a World Heritage Site, an open air museum according to UNESCO since 1986. Its walls have been guarding the streets and building practically unaltered throughout the centuries. It is this historical and cultural wealth which attracts more and more Portuguese and foreign visitors.

The fascination of the trip starts right away when you travel the roads of the Alentejo region. Then, it accompanies you while you enter the historical centre of Evora, with its impressive walls keeping the “eborenses” safe for a long time now. Inside them, you are awaited by traces of Roman times, medieval buildings, palaces and convents which are witness to the golden era of Portugal (15th and 16th centuries).

evora portugal
Praça do Giraldo (Giraldo Square), city centre

The religious influence is clearly noticed in the city, in its many churches and even in the Colégio do Espírito Santo (Holy Spirit College), today the University of Evora, where the Jesuits taught. In spite of all these beautiful places, no matter where you go for a walk, what you will always remember is the architecture and the pristine white of the houses in the narrow streets. You will surely not forget the friendly people of Alentejo either.

Because it is so diverse, the richness regarding culture and patrimony makes this the ideal place to visit alone, with your family, with friends or on a romantic trip. Get to know, right now, 10 reasons to visit Evora.

Start planning your trip right now:
Everything will be much easier when you know what there is to do here. Then, you just have to decide when to visit Évora, know where it is and how to get here.

Highlights of Evora

alentejo Portugal
University of Evora

The historical centre of the town is not very big. So, it is possible to see it all by having long walks through the narrow streets. However, you are going to need some more time to enjoy everything Evora has to offer. Slowly, at the pace we do things here in Alentejo.

Take your time while you are in Evora. Visit it according to your interests mas enjoy it fully. Discover why the travel magazine of National Geographic considered the whole region of Alentejo as one of 21 world destinations to visit in 2014. And why Alentejo has been consistently mentioned in several other online and printed publications with the number of tourist visits rising every year.

To know what characterizes the capital of Alentejo and makes it unique, you can’t miss these highlights, no matter what. After you check these pages out you will definitely want to spend a few days with among “Alentejanos”, the people of this region.

This website is just the start of your visit to Alentejo. Find a hotel in Evora and prepare your trip. See you soon!