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Mojo - Tapas restaurant in Evora

Restaurant Mojo – Food, Friends & Beer

A restaurant in Evora which praises beer in a region renowned for incredible wine? Why not? Mojo – Food, Friends & Beer dares to revolutionise the market of restaurants in Evora with an innovative menu which leaves us curious and willing. First of all, this sort of tavern in Evora, modern and refined, surprises us for its originality.

The number one goal of the restaurant is made clear in its name. It intends to welcome and gather friends at the table, a prime place where friendships are often made stronger with conversations held while having a sophisticated snack elegantly prepared by the chef. Because in this restaurant in Evora, the aesthetic care in the delicious food must go along with the decoration. And these are only some of the features that give the place its mojo.

But how does this restaurant set apart from the rest? Let’s get close and personal.

Tapas, snacks or tidbits restaurant

evora restaurant tapas
Tapas and beer… Keep them coming!

The menu has the traditional Alentejo gastronomy as the guiding principle and reinvents it in an elegant form respecting its ancient roots. The chef takes the flavours in Alentejo and complements them giving affection to the preparation of the different dishes through high quality ingredients which the owner chooses himself. And this shows later when we taste the food.

restaurant evora tapas
Tapas at the table.

The highlights of the menu are the mentioned tapas, to share with everybody sitting at the table. But there are also individual dishes if we really want to be selfish about the delicacy we love and found on the menu.

Beer restaurant in Evora… with a wine list to go with it

Alentejo wines are an incredible welcoming card to the region and many tourists and people who live in Alentejo look for them at any meal in a restaurant in Evora. This precious drink has its special charm around these parts and this great heritage is always present in Mojo. However, many of the people who appreciate wine are also true lovers of beer. In the cold winter and, especially, during the hot summer.

restaurant evora beer
Beer in its central spot in this restaurant.

In Mojo, beer is not alone but it is queen. Here, you will most probably find the “one” you tasted in another city or country and you can’t find in Evora pubs or other restaurants. You may even come across your favourite brand, reminding you of home. You also have the opportunity to learn about beer with the waiters or the passionate owner, a beer aficionado.

With more than 60 references of beer which represent more than 10 countries and 12 different types you can choose from, it will be easy to find enough reasons to come back to Mojo. Share the place with your friends. Next round is on them!

Sports bar and restaurant

There are many occasions to experience with a pint of beer in your hand. The lovers of sports who are in Evora have in Mojo the ideal place to share the emotion of game night or any other sports event without exception. Travelling is amazing. Keeping up with the scores is a must.

restaurant evora sports
Sports on the walls.

Ultimately, Mojo is a young and fresh space where the fans of different sports can support their idols and teams. In the major sport events of the weekends or the big international competitions.

The beautiful decoration of this restaurant in Evora immediately transports us to a lot of different sports. To enjoy the place you will have to look around for the most incredible details, which are a tribute to the sports and icons of the past and of today. Look around! You will find pieces on the walls, shelves, furniture and just about every corner that are related to football/soccer, motorsports, hockey, baseball, volleyball, American football, boxing, skiing,… With time, before or after your meal, you will be able to see them all. Or… you will have to come back.

The rooms in Mojo – Food, Friends & Beer

The architecture of this restaurant in Evora reminds us that we are in Alentejo, in a historic house right in the city centre, less than a minute from its heart, Giraldo Square. The decoration of the restaurant also combines traditional and modern. The illumination provides the perfect environment, always relaxing and welcoming.

evora restaurant
One of the rooms of the restaurant.

The restaurant has 3 inviting rooms, to be used on different occasions. You will be able to have a quiet meal with a small group of friends or as a couple, have a dinner party (up to 25 people), enjoy the pub with a massive beer selection. This last space is the most social and relaxed one. Maybe what you were looking for in your trip to Evora.

Whatever your passion may be, welcome to Mojo – Food, Friends & Beer. We wish you a good game night! With good beer, amazing moments among friends, great food!

Mojo - Food, Friends & Beer - Information
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Address: Rua da República 26, 7000-656 Evora
Reservations: +351 926 941 838
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12.00h-15.00h / 19.00h-22.30h (closed on Sundays and Monday for lunch)

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