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Shopping in Evora and Alentejo

Those who visit Alentejo fall in love with the products that are made in the region. Whether we are talking about the most traditional centuries-old ones or the new interpretations of this strong inheritance.

Among many other handicrafts items, the most popular in Evora and Alentejo are Alentejo furniture and products made of cork, leather, horn, clay, tapestry. Shopping is always a pleasure when we take home a part of what fascinated us in our trip to this region.

Alentejo gastronomy can also be part of your shopping list. Especially in what regards typical mouth-watering sweets. You will want to taste them. While you are here and after you get back to your country.

The traditional markets, where trade has been happening for decades or centuries, are a good place to start shopping. In addition, there are streets in Evora historic centre with many shops with an almost endless supply of products. Take part of your trip to Alentejo home with you.

Alentejo Handicraft, Alentejo crafts list


Alentejo handicraft is the perfect souvenir to take home when you visit Evora. To decorate your own house or to surprise a loved one with a gift. Any piece you buy of Alentejo crafts will let you remember what you saw and feel when you were here. Like with any other types of handicraft, in Alentejo trades were passed from generation to generation until today. …

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Where to buy souvenirs in Evora

Comprar Recordacoes Evora

Buying Evora souvenirs is something you absolutely need to do when you visit the city! For yourself or for family and friends, there is surely something you will want to take home with you from Evora to remember times well spent and, of course, awaken the desire to come back. The suggestions you will find in this page about where to buy souvenirs in Evora …

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