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evora coat arms
Evora coat of arms section

Evora Coat of arms

evora coat arms
Evora coat of arms

The image of the coat of arms of Evora, like the one in any city, is intimately associated to its history. It has a lot of details and it is truly a work of art.

In the interior of a golden shield, we se the horseman Geraldo Geraldes galloping on a black horse while wielding a bloody silver sword.

On the bottom of Evora’s coat of arms, you will find two heads of Moors, a man and a woman, decapitated by the sword. Above the shield, there is a crown representing a silver mural of five towers.

evora coat arms flag
Evora flag and coat of arms

Around the shield, we see a necklace of the Tower and the Sword. Finally, on the outside section, there is a white banner with the words “Mui Nobre e Sempre Leal Cidade de Évora” (Most Noble and Always Loyal City of Evora).

The coat of arms appears, many times, together with the flag of Evora, of red and yellow colours. The first colour symbolises blood and the second gold.

You will be able to find Evora’s coat of arms in several places while you visit the city. Probably, the most interesting are the ones in black iron at the top of some street lamps in Giraldo Square.

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