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Fotos Evora
Praça do Sertório

Photos Evora Alentejo, Portugal

These photos of Evora are the best way to make you want to come to this lovely region of Alentejo, Portugal. The photos take us on a fast journey through the streets of Evora and its monuments, gardens, squares.

Have a wonderful virtual visit to Evora. Feel free to fall in love.

photo evora roman temple
Photos Evora Portugal – Roman Temple (Templo Romano)
photos evora alentejo giraldo
Photos Evora Portugal – Giraldo Square (Praça do Giraldo)
photos evora portugal garden
Photos Evora Portugal – Fake Roman Ruins (Ruínas fingidas)
photos evora portugal horses
Photos Evora Portugal – Horse Carriage (Carruagem de cavalos)
photos evora portugal square
Photos Evora Portugal – Giraldo Square (Praça do Giraldo)
photo evora art
Photos Evora – Art Cafe in Pátio Inatel
photo evora fountain
Photos Evora – Fountain in Serpa Pinto Street
photo evora palace
Photos Evora – Condes de Basto Palace (Palácio dos Condes de Basto)
photo evora public garden
Photos Evora – Evora Public Garden (Jardim Público de Évora)
photo evora street
Photos Evora – Alley in the Jewish Quarter
photo evora tower
Photos Evora – Outside wall tower
photo evora university
Photos Evora – University of Evora (Universidade de Évora)
photos evora city hall
Photos Evora – Sertório Square (Praça do Sertório)
photos evora moura door
Photos Evora – Moura Door Fountain (Portas de Moura)
photos evora alentejo cathedral
Photos Evora – Evora Cathedral (Sé de Évora)
photos evora alentejo garden
Photos Evora – Bacalhau Garden (Jardim do Bacalhau)
photos evora terrace
Photos Evora – Terrace in Miguel Bombarda Street
photos evora
Photos Evora – Largo dos Colegiais