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VisitEvora is the most complete guide about the UNESCO world heritage city of Evora and the whole Alentejo. Your first step to fall in love with the place you will visit soon. Your trip to the beautiful heart of this region of Portugal, starts right here.


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Our goal

With VisitEvora we have two clear objectives: to arouse your curiosity to come and see us for the first time or even come back. At the same time, help you plan your routes and explorations wether you have only a few days available or all the time in the world.

Something for everyone

Regardless of your preferences and age group, Alentejo has something to get you excited. Whether you come to rest, seek adventure, get to know the history of Portugal, eat and drink like in no other place,… In this beautiful region of Portugal, you will find yourself.

We live and breathe the Alentejo

Hello! My name is Luís Seco. Welcome to my little place in the world!

I decided to create VisitEvora after travelling quite a lot to different countries. Every time I came back home to Evora, I felt this reborn love for Portugal and, especially, the Alentejo. This region is so diverse and full of wonders that I became some sort of an everyday traveller.

I have partnered with the best local hosts. The kind of people that are proud to share. We believe in a culture of really getting to know the Alentejo, not just its stunning places.

Our local guides and hosts are people who are passionate about welcoming you and delivering memorable explorations. They have opinions, life stories, a background in the Alentejo.

Are you deciding on what to do in Alentejo? We have thoughtfully put together tours and experiences that appeal to your senses. Take a look at them. No matter if you are an independent traveller or an agency, go ahead and contact us.

We are going to show you the Authentic Alentejo.

Unforgettable experiences in Alentejo

  • tour alentejo olive cork wine gastronomy
    Tour Alentejo - Olive Oil, Cork, Wine, Gastronomy, Castle
    A unique experience: cork forest 4x4 tour, wine tasting, olive grove visit, olive oil tasting and lunch, cork factory and castle visits.
  • olive oil tasting portugal
    Olive oil tasting
    Have an authentic olive oil tasting experience with a producer in love with his trees. Enjoy regional food and have a quiet lunch in the countryside.
  • experiences alentejo cork
    Alentejo cork tours
    Discover the beautiful cork forest of the Mediterranean. Personalise your experience: hikes, 4x4 tours, wine tastings, regional products tastings.
  • activities evora balloon
    Hot air balloon rides
    Peacefully fly through the skies over Evora and Alentejo. See the city, the fields, the animals and the sunrise from up above. Live unforgettable moments!
  • portuguese cooking class
    Portuguese Cooking Class
    Learn ancient Portuguese cooking techniques/recipes. Cook and eat a 3-course meal with a local chef. Replicate it back home.
  • alentejo canoe alqueva
    Boat Trips and Sport Activities
    Explore the Alqueva Lake by boat. Alternatively, try exciting water sports activities or relax in a canoe.
  • skydiving evora
    Skydiving in Evora
    This is the challenge you will set yourself in Alentejo. Come and experience a tandem jump in our skies, your initiation to skydiving. A fantastic adventure!
  • houseboats alqueva
    Lake Alqueva
    Drive a houseboat without a sailing licence and sleep on board! Enjoy tranquillity with family or friends on the largest artificial lake in Europe.

Half day and 1 day tours in Alentejo

  • Tour Alentejo - Olive Oil, Cork, Wine, Gastronomy, Castle
    A unique experience: cork forest 4x4 tour, wine tasting, olive grove visit, olive oil tasting and lunch, cork factory and castle visits.
  • monsaraz
    Monsaraz Tour
    Discover Monsaraz, S. Pedro do Corval (largest Portuguese pottery centre), Xarez Cromlech. See the beautiful Alqueva Lake.
  • tours with guide evora
    Evora Walking Tour
    Explore Evora with your own private local guide. Know everything about the main monuments and historical locations.
  • lisbon day trips tours
    Day Trips from Lisbon
    Go beyond the capital of Portugal. Visit Sintra, Cascais, Estoril, Fátima, Évora, Alentejo, Óbidos, Guincho, Santarém, wineries.
  • tour almendres cromlech
    Evora Megalithic Tour
    Unveil mysterious megalithic sites: Almendres Cromlech and Menhir, Anta Grande do Zambujeiro (dolmen).
  • elvas tour
    Elvas Tour (UNESCO)
    Visit this fortified city near Spain, beautiful Vila Viçosa and the breathtaking views from Evoramonte castle.
  • transfer evora portugal
    Transfers Lisbon - Evora - Lisbon and from/to any part of Portugal/Spain. Transportation with/without tours.
  • tour alentejo castles
    Tour Alentejo Castles
    Find fortified historical Alentejo villages: Arraiolos, Evoramonte, Estremoz, Vila Viçosa, Alandroal, Redondo, Valongo.

Multi-day tours in Alentejo and Portugal

Your Next Destination – Evora and Alentejo

Where is Evora and Alentejo?

The Alentejo is a region located in the south of Portugal. The whole east line represents the frontier with Spain. A large part of the west is Atlantic coast, the rest corresponds to the limit with the regions of Ribatejo and Estremadura. To the north, we have Beira Baixa and, to the south, the Algarve.

Evora can be considered the heart of Alentejo, since it is geographically roughly in the centre and because of its economic and historic importance. For all these reasons, it has the largest offer of accommodation. There are all types of hotels in Evora.

We have good, free of traffic roads in Alentejo. If you take the highway, Evora is only 81 mi/130 km away from Lisbon and 62 mi/100 km from Badajoz (Spain). There are train and buses coming from Lisbon. From anywhere in Portugal and Spain, we also have transfer services available.

alentejo map
Alentejo map

Visit Evora – Heart of Alentejo

The whole city of Evora is a World Heritage Site, an open air museum according to UNESCO since 1986. For centuries, the old walls have protected the people, the cobbled streets and buildings from different periods. This historical and cultural wealth attracts more and more Portuguese and foreign visitors. Let’s just say it is a poorly kept secret, although we are still safe from the mass tourism of some European cities.

The historical centre of Evora is not very big. So, it is perfectly possible to wander through all the narrow streets and alleys that lead to beautiful squares. However, you are going to need some more time to enjoy everything Evora has to offer. Slowly, at the pace we do things here in Alentejo.

Find out about the religious influence in the many churches, the largest medieval cathedral in Portugal, the sinister Bones Chapel. Go further and visit the Colégio do Espírito Santo (Holy Spirit College), today University of Evora, where the Jesuits taught. The tiles you can see inside are a great representation of this Portuguese art.

Visit also the Ruínas Fingidas (Fake Ruins) and the Palácio de D. Manuel (King Manuel Palace) in the Jardim Público (Public Garden). Encounter distant times in Évora’s many museums and national and international artists at the Centro de Arte e Cultura Eugénio de Almeida (Art and Culture Centre). Follow the Água de Prata Aqueduct to the countryside or to reach the city.

Wherever you go, the pristine lime white of the houses will follow you and remain in your memory forever. You will surely not forget the friendly people of Alentejo either. Come up with your own favourite restaurants in Evora and across Alentejo after you try many of them. To go with the delicious food, choose a renowned Alentejo wine. A precious experience in itself.

In the outskirts of Evora, find out why Man has been living in the area for millenniums. Evidently, one more reason to visit Evora, considered as the Capital of the Iberian Megalithic

Because it is so diverse, the richness regarding culture and patrimony makes Evora the ideal place to visit alone, with your family, with friends or on a romantic trip.

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Visit Alentejo – Amazing South of Portugal

Geography and Population

The Alentejo region is the largest of Portugal, around 1/3 of the country. Large plains dominate most of the landscape, but you can still find the beautiful Sierra de S. Mamede and tall hills with castles on top. The Alentejo coast has more than 100mi (160km), from Troia Peninsula to Odeceixe, where it meets the Algarve. 

The small population density and the nice people who live here, the “Alentejanos”, make the Alentejo one of the safest regions in Portugal, a country already on the top 3 worldwide.

alentejo geography population

Alentejo UNESCO

The attraction of Alentejo goes well beyond any international awards. However, the distinctions made by UNESCO are a reminder of the importance of these places and cultural manifestations.

World Heritage Sites

  • Historic centre of Evora
  • Garrison Border Town of Elvas and its fortifications

Intangible Cultural Heritage

  • Cante Alentejano, polyphonic singing
  • Craftmanship of Estremoz clay figures
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Manufacture of cowbells (Alcáçovas)
cante alentejo

Alentejo Heritage

Travelling in Alentejo is like entering a time machine. Since prehistory, Man has settled in Alentejo due to its natural resources. That is why we find so many megalithic monuments. Throughout the centuries, peoples like the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors,… have left their traces.

The Alentejo is a place that tells the history of Portugal, a 900-year-old country. We find this long heritage in Roman ruins, in palaces, in the many impressive castles. But also in the work of artisans, as well as in churches or countless small museums.

Putting together a list of the most charming cities, towns and villages to visit in Alentejo is very difficult. But you can start here: Evora, Elvas, Monsaraz, Estremoz, Vila Viçosa, Arraiolos, Marvão, Castelo de Vide, Alegrete, Mértola.

visit Alentejo heritage

Closer to Nature

The Alentejo’s large fields consist of a landscape that goes as far as the eye can see. The most distinctive ecosystems are the “montado” (cork forest) and olive groves. Joining us is a wonderful way to learn about them.

We have 3 natural parks and 2 natural reserves, situated in the interior or along the wildest coast in Europe. The largest artificial lake in this continent, Alqueva, has longer shores than the whole Portugue coast! All these spots are perfect for exploring the outstanding countryside in Portugal through hiking or biking trails. By the ocean, go through the beautiful Rota Vicentina. Further inland, follow one of the Pilgrims’ Roads to Santiago (in the north of Spain).

cork forest alentejo

Eating in Alentejo

We are famous for our gastronomy and wine. You can taste the incredible flavours of the Alentejo food in typical taverns and in high-end restaurants which combine the old with the new. The ingredients are dictated by every season of the year and the very rich traditional cuisine uses a lot of olive oil and aromatic herbs. Bread is commonly used in traditional “açordas” (soup) and in “migas” (crumbs), which go with multiple meat dishes.

By the coast, the specialties are the “cataplanas” (seafood prepared in casseroles) and “caldeiradas” (fish stews). All over the region, desserts are highly varied, sweet and mainly of conventual origin.

Wine and Enotourism

Our food goes with our wine. Some of the best Portuguese wines are produced here and have won many awards worldwide. A large part of the vineyard planted in the region is included in the eight sub-regions of Protected Designation of Origin: Borba, Evora, Granja-Amareleja, Moura, Portalegre, Redondo, Reguengos de Monsaraz (2015 European wine capital) and Vidigueira.

Alentejo is a paradise for enotourism. Wine lovers can visit the estates and witness the whole process before tasting the whites, rosés or reds. They can even sleep by the vineyards and enjoy the countryside. To follow part of the Alentejo Wine Route, contact us to do a personalised tour.

alentejo wine

Climate and overall weather conditions

Portugal has 4 seasons. Although temperatures in Alentejo can get really hot in Summer and cold in Winter, it still remains one of the sunniest, driest, mildest regions in the continent. The interior has the farthest extremes, while the Atlantic coast has smaller peaks along the year.

alentejo climate

Accommodation in Alentejo

The wide range of accommodation on offer in the Alentejo is ideal for finding wonderful places to both enjoy and sleep.

Use the search box to find out prices and book your base in Alentejo: Hotels, Holiday Homes, Guest Houses, B&Bs, Country Houses, Hostels,… In cities or villages, in the countryside or near the beach, we wish you the perfect stay.

Alentejo has been in the spotlight of travel editors year after year. Make no mistake. This is really one of the best world destinations. With a lot to discover! Without missing the highlights in your visit to Evora but also taking a tour through the countryside and the most fantastic cities and villages in Alentejo.

We hope that it is now easier for you to imagine our region. It would be our pleasure to welcome you when you come to visit the Alentejo and Evora. Come see the landscapes. Discover our nice people while you breathe the pure, relaxed air we value so much. Immerse yourself in our culture.

Hit the road and live unforgettable Alentejo experiences. Explore the region on your own or upgrade your learning with the local guides of our Alentejo Tours. Let us know what type of activities you would like to live. People like us were meant to be happy in Alentejo.

Use our share buttons and invite your friends. Thank you! We will see each other soon!