Activities and experiences in Alentejo

This page of suggestions of activities and experiences in Alentejo shows us that the region is much more than a land of tranquility where all we can do is rest. A long time ago, coming to Alentejo Portugal meant to just go through cities and villages, as well as appreciate the wonderful food before visitors returned to their hotel room. Those times are long past!

Alentejo is also a place where the stunning landscape gets together with the innovation of entrepreneurs with an Alentejo soul. Today, there are many activities which make us want to stay even longer in this internationally acclaimed destiny.

Those who visit Alentejo have a lot to sense and do. There are plenty of unique and authentic Alentejo experiences to please everyone’s tastes. Almost all of these activities show how the fantastic nature in the region is essential to make for memorable moments here.

Alone, as a couple, with friends or your family, next time you visit Alentejo will be the most exciting.

  • Taste the Alentejo olive oil
  • Venture through the skies on a hot air balloon
  • Savour Alentejo products
  • Find the best wine tourism
  • Explore the cork forest on a 4×4 vehicle
  • Set off on a relaxed hike
  • Accept the challenge to escape
  • Skydive over Evora
Alentejo has a little bit of everything for everybody. Create your own unique memories following some of these suggestions and… leave some others for when you come back. It will be very soon!