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Houseboats in Alqueva Lake, Alentejo

Houseboats in Lake Alqueva, Alentejo Portugal

Did you know that there are Houseboats in Alqueva Lake, Alentejo (Portugal), which you can drive through the waters with family and friends without even needing a sailor’s license? That’s right! These boats carry the soul of the Alentejo to you. No hurries, taking you where you wish to go in the moment.

But what is “Alqueva”? The Alqueva Dam has 96.5 sq mi (250 km²) and its banks, with more than 683 mi (1100 km), total a greater distance than the seacoast of Portugal! This is the largest artificial lake in Europe. The historical, cultural and gastronomic richness of the Portuguese municipalities it covers (Portel, Moura, Reguengos de Monsaraz, Mourão and Alandroal) is fantastic. This is why visiting this whole area is a delight for those who want to truly feel the Alentejo outside its major cities.

What are the Houseboats of Alqueva Lake?

The Houseboats of Alqueva Lake are autonomous boats that you can drive without a license or any previous experience (after a brief training session on the day of the rental). As the name implies, they are authentic floating houses to explore all the areas of the lake where you can navigate.

There are several types of Houseboats, with a capacity of 2 to 12 people. In other words, they are perfect for a few romantic days for two on the lake or for two friends dedicated to fishing. But the boats are also ideal for larger groups. The more people, the more the fun… And the price per person goes down!

All Alqueva Lake Houseboats are fully equipped.

  • Cabin(s) with 1 or more beds (double or single), depending on the size of the boat
  • 1 sofa-bed for 2 people
  • Shower Room(s) and toilet
  • Living/meals room
  • Fridge with freezer
  • Kitchen with stove and oven
  • Kitchen utensils that allow cooking and consumption of meals
  • GPS
  • Sonar
  • Support mobile phone
  • TV with DVD player
  • Radio with CD player
  • Fan
  • Water access steps
  • Outdoor shower
  • 220V pier plug

As you can see, it has all the amenities of a house. If you have a pet, he/she can also navigate with you. Outdoor barbecue, canoes and bicycles are available for hire too.

During check-in and training, guests receive an Instruction Book with all the information about the boat, the Alqueva Waterside Villages Guide and a Guide of Recommended Restaurants.

Photos of Houseboats in Alqueva Lake

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Houseboats – what to expect from this amazing experience in Alentejo

Do people like you embark on experiences like this? Yes! Whatever your interests may be, see what you can expect from one or more nights on a Houseboat in Alqueva.

  • Unique Alentejo landscape from a different point of view – the boat
  • Several piers where to spend the night near villages where you feel welcome
  • A place of your own to sunbathe on the shore or on the deck of the boat
  • Spending time among friends and family to build unforgettable memories
  • The excitement of driving a boat for the first time (or one more, for the experienced ones) in total safety, since the boats are limited to a speed of 6.2mi/h (10km/h)
  • Warm (in summer), calm and safe waters for quiet activities such as swimming, diving, canoeing or fishing
  • Access to optimal locations to fish in
  • Fresh air!
  • The starry sky of Alqueva’s Dark Sky Reserve, the first site in the world to receive the “Starlight Tourism Destination Certification” for having spectacular conditions for this activity

Don’t forget that canoes, kayakes, SUP, gas barbecues and bicycles are also available to take on board the Alqueva Houseboats. This way, fun is guaranteed for all members of the “crew” according to their tastes: doing sports, walking or cycling, sunbathing, swimming, resting, fishing,…

Houseboats in Alqueva – prices

If you’re thinking this experience in Alentejo costs a lot of money… you’re wrong. In fact, it can be as cheap as or cheaper than a night in a hotel, especially if you consider the boats with capacity for more passengers. So, the unique experiences of driving the boat and the time spent on board become almost free! And, quite frankly, these are the most important reasons why renting one of these boats is something you should do at least once in your life.

Prices of Houseboats in Alqueva Lake (per night)

  • Up to 4 people: from 167€
  • Up to 6 people: from 215€
  • Up to 8 people: from 176€
  • Up to 9 people: from 210€
  • Up to 10 people: from 212€
  • Up to 12 people: from 277€

Prices vary depending on the time of year and day of the week. Contact us in the form below for more information.

Complements to the Houseboats

To take with you during the Houseboat rental in order to experience the Alqueva Lake in another way, you also have the following options.


You only need to lower the canoe from the houseboat to have a peaceful time or a more adventurous navigation/exploration.

  • Single canoe – from 11€ (half day) and 16.50€ (full day)
  • Canoe for 2 or 3 people – from 18.50€ (half day) and 27.50€ (full day)
  • Motor-powered canoe for 3 people – from 66€ (full day)

The following types of canoes are available: sit on top, touring, cruising (simple or deluxe), canoe with or without motor.


Bicycles are perfect to go shopping in the waterside villages which are further away from the pier or simply to ride along the paths in the heart of nature.

  • Bicycle – 5€/day (other prices on request)

Event Hosting

The incredible scenery of Alqueva Lake makes it a special place for events. On land or on the water, it is possible to celebrate a family wedding/baptism or do team building sessions for businesses. Organise a snack, lunch, cocktail or business meeting.

Prices: on request

See also this other page and discover boat trips in Lake Alqueva accompanied by a skipper, as well as adrenaline-filled or perfectly calm nautical/sports activities.

To obtain all the necessary information about the Houseboats in Lake Alqueva, please fill in the form below.

For maintenance purposes and during the Winter, all activities on Lake Alqueva will be CLOSED until MARCH 1, 2024. Please contact us only for reservations on other dates.

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