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Hot air balloon flights in Evora and throughout Alentejo

Hot air balloon Evora, Balloon ride Alentejo

To do a hot air balloon ride in Evora or in any other spot in Alentejo is a peaceful but exciting adventure. Not too many people had the privilege to live it. Flying with the wind in a balloon gives us a wonderful perspective over the Alentejo landscape and the historic streets of Evora or any other town or village in the region.

A balloon flight in Alentejo takes the peacefulness of the Alentejo countryside to the skies, where only the birds, the wind and the excitement of those who try ballooning can be heard. This is why a hot air balloon is perfect to take unforgettable memories home, as well as photos that are going to be the subject of conversation among family and friends forever.

Fly in a hot air balloon in Alentejo, Portugal

If you always wanted to see Alentejo from the sky, the best option is doing a balloon flight. It is from this point of view, at low speed, that a new world arises.

  • See the outlines of the fields gain shape and its colours standing out.
  • Discover the location of lakes and streams.
  • Spot animals like horses, sheep, goats, rabbits and hares.
  • Realise how vast the plains are.

All of the above with a 360º field of view that you can only have aboard a hot air balloon.

A balloon tour in Evora reveals a city that few have seen, where the majestic monumental buildings gain unique dimensions.

  • Find the limits of the old town created by the medieval walls.
  • Discover squares, patios, churches.
  • Immediately identify the Acropolis of Evora, where the cathedral and the roman temple stand out.
  • Listen to the sounds of the city awakening.

Now, imagine feeling and experiencing all this… but at sunrise!

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Flying in a hot air balloon in Alentejo, Portugal

What happens on the day of the flight?

These are the different steps of a flight with our team.

  • Passenger pick-up at the agreed location and transportation to the take-off location
  • Introduction of the team and initial safety briefing
  • Procedures to put the balloon upright
  • Second safety briefing and going into the balloon
  • Slowly rise up to the sky
  • Observation of the sunrise
  • Tracking of the balloon by the ground crew (communication via radio and tracking by GPS and visually)
  • Safe landing after around an hour of flight
  • Toast to the experience of flying in a hot air balloon (already with the company of the ground crew)
  • Transportation to the previously agreed location

Is it safe to fly in a balloon?

Flying in a hot air balloon is perfectly safe. And the weather conditions in Portugal are excellent to go ballooning all year round.

This experience is suitable for the vast majority of people. Passengers will have to be able to get into the basket before lift off (there will always be someone to help, don’t worry) and stand inside for about an hour. It is advisable for any adult or child to be, at least, 4 ft (1.20 m) to enjoy the view from the basket. It is recommended that pregnant ladies postpone flying to another occasion.

Hot air balloon rides are done early in the morning, half an hour before sunrise, to avoid thermic activity. It is in this period of the day that the wind is perfectly calm. In Winter, it is also possible to fly in late afternoon.

Is the pilot experient?

The pilot of these balloon tours is called Nelson and he has 20 years of experience in ballooning. He started by being part of a ground crew and soon began to study in order to become a pilot. He concluded his private license in 2006 and his commercial license two years later. He has flown in over 40 different balloons, in 20 countries, 4 continents. Nelson has founded his own company in Evora in 2015, after he fell in love with Alentejo during a hot air balloon festival.

Video Balloon Flight Alentejo, Evora

To get an idea of what you can see on a balloon flight in Portugal, in the Alentejo region, in this case over Evora, we have prepared this video. Come and live this experience with us!

Hot air balloon Portugal Alentejo – price

These are our prices of hot air balloon rides in Evora, throughout Alentejo and other regions of Portugal.

  • Hot air balloon over Evora – 180€ per adult, 150€ per child (6-12 years old)
  • Hot air balloon over Evora in exclusive for 2 people – 800€ total
  • Other locations in Alentejo and throughout Portugal – contact us for a quote

If the weather conditions are not ideal and it is not safe to fly on the scheduled date, you will get a 100% refund.

All prices shown per person except for exclusive flight. The booking of our balloon rides can be made up until the day before the desired date (except for flights with 5 people or more).

The hot air balloon flight is held by an operator partner of Visitevora, to whom we associated because we consider it an excellent option in this kind of activities.

Fill in the contact form to book or ask us some more details. Join us to see Evora and the Alentejo countryside from the sky. See you soon!

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