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Hiking and cycling in Evora Alentejo, Portugal

Bike and Hike in Evora – Aqueduct and Megalithic Experiences

Biking and hiking lovers who visit Evora have the opportunity to feel the nature on the Alentejo countryside of the city outskirts. These tours consists of a walking route leaving the city and a bike ride coming back or simply biking around. Different perspectives. The perfect way to experience the beautiful landscapes while getting in touch with history.

1 – Bike and Hike Evora Experience

Programme and highlights

  • Leave the city and walk along the 16th century Silver Water Aqueduct, built to bring water to Evora city center
  • Pass by small farms and fields from which you will be able to smell wonderful aromatic herbs
  • Stop at a lovely farmhouse to have coffee, tea or a freshly squeezed lemon juice, as well as a relaxation time
  • Ride a bike back to Evora through an easy downhill ecotrail
  • Walk inside the city walls of UNESCO world heritage Evora following the final stretch of the aqueduct through narrow streets

– Distance: 5 mi / 8 km walking + 6.2 mi / 10 km cycling
– Level: easy
– Terrain: flat walking trail + soft downhill dirt bike track
– Duration: half day
– Meeting point: 1.25 mi / 2 kms from Evora, in Arraiolos road (look for the road sign “Percursos pedestres” on the right). Transfers to the meeting point can be organised (4 € per person).

Prices and detailed options
Prices and termsKidsAll by bikeFull day tour
– 29 € per person (minimum 4 adults)
– 35 € per person (minimum 2 adults)
– 15 € per child (under 12 years old)

12 participants maximum with this price

– Guide
– Bike rental
– 1 drink
– Personal accident insurance
– VAT tax

Not included:
– Transfer to the beginning of the walk/hike (optional – 4 € per person)

Tour suitable for children (if they enjoy walking and can cycle)

  • Bikes for kids available
  • Child seats also available
  • Cycling path is easy but there are some stretches on asphalt road where experience is needed for your child to participate

You may consider a private tour for an extra cost

The whole tour is available by bike for experienced riders

  • We will need to cycle along the aqueduct though the narrow path and step down from ours bikes to go down some steps
Price for full day tour with picnic lunch included
– 49 € per person (minimum 4 adults)
– 35 € per child under 12 years old

30 participants maximum with this price

2 – Cycling Evora Megalithic Monuments

This tour was designed to delight nature and history lovers alike. Join us if you are passionate about learning the past finding the present heritage of prehistoric peoples, the roman civilisation and medieval warriors.

Programme and highlights

  • Meeting in Guadalupe
  • Cycle through the Valverde green area
  • Find the most iconic megalithic monuments in the Evora region
    • Almendres Chromelech – the largest megalithic monument in the Iberian Peninsula, 7000 years old (2000 older than Stonehenge)
    • Almendres Menhir – shaped like an elongated egg, with a carved staff (crosier) representing the importance of animal taming in Neolithic
    • Zambujeiro Dolmen – a collective funeral monument, probably the tallest dolmen in the world
  • Visit the ruins of Giraldo’s Castle – sources associate the fortification with Gerald the Fearless, the warrior who took Evora from the Moors
  • Discover the Roman Ruins of Tourega – a Roman villa
  • Stop under a tree for a snack of cheese and chorizos with a good glass of wine to go along

– Distance: 18.6 mi / 30 km to 28 mi / 45 km
– Level: easy but for people used to bike (optional difficult climb to Giraldo Castle)
– Terrain: mostly off-road gentle rolling roads
– Duration: half day
– Meeting point: Guadalupe (8 mi / 13 km from Evora city centre – transfers can be organised)

Prices and detailed options
Prices and terms
– 30 € per person (minimum 4 adults)
– 36 € per person (minimum 2 adults)
– 25 € per child up to 12 years old
– 50 € for full day mountain bike megalithic tour

12 participants maximum with this price

Included in the half day megalithic tour:
– Private guide
– Bike rental
– Snack
– Personal accident and third party insurance
– VAT tax

Included in the full day megalithic tour:
– Everything already included in the half day tour
– Sandwich and juice

  • These tours are held by a tour operator partner of Visitevora, to whom we associated because we consider it the best option in this kind of tours.

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