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Boat rides in Lake Alqueva, Alentejo Portugal

Boat Rides and Water Sports in Lake Alqueva, Alentejo

Boat Rides and other nautical activities, such as water skiing and several pull buoys, are some of the experiences that allow us to explore the Alqueva. More slowly and in perfect communion with nature, Canoeing and Paddle SUP bring us even closer to these calm waters.

With such a large expanse of water, Lake Alqueva is the largest artificial lake in Europe. A true paradise for those who enjoy water sports and contact with the Alentejo landscape. There are many activities available for those who want to have fun on the water as well as explore the shores and islands.

The different activities we present below are very different. You will certainly find the perfect one for you to enjoy Lake Alqueva in your own way.

Boat rides and other nautical/sports activities in Lake Alqueva

With such a large extension of water, Lake Alqueva is a paradise for those who enjoy water sports and contact with the Alentejo landscape. There are several activities available.

There are many activities available for those who, without sleeping on the lake, want to have fun on the water as well as explore the shoreline and islands.

Photos of the boat trips and nautical activities on the lake

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Boat Rides in Alqueva Lake

Always with an experienced skipper at the controls of the boat, have a different perspective of the shores of the great lake, spot Monsaraz, discover the wildlife, visit the islands, refresh yourself in the waters. There are several boats available, with different capacities and purposes.

  • 60 minutes – 10€/pax
  • 90 minutes – 15€/pax
  • 120 minutes (includes a regional snack) – 25€/pax
  • Other tours/groups – upon request
  • Boat rental with skipper – upon request
  • Speedboat ride – upon request

There are discounts on the prices listed above for adults over 65 (10%) and for children aged 3 to 12 (50%).

Other nautical activities

Who said that in the Alentejo and Lake Alqueva everything is quiet? Let the adrenaline and speed come!

10 minutes20 minutes
Banana Ride/Sonar Couchper person15€25€
Donut Boat1 person20€35€
OVNI Spinera1 person15€25€
Double Donut Boat2 people30€50€
Water Ski/Wakeboard30€50€
Water Ski/Wakeboarding Baptism – €75 (approximately 30 minutes)

For those who like to navigate quietly or test their limits.

1hMorning or afternoon (3h)Full day (8h)
Paddle SUP15€35€65€
Kayaks/canoes (for 2 people)15€35€65€
Pedal boat car with slide20€/4 adults – 25€/5 adults

See also this other page and find out how you can sleep and drive a House Boat on the Alqueva Lake (you are the captain, no sailor’s licence required).

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