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Visit Evora

Evora is a city to visit slowly so that you can investigate why its classification as World Heritage by UNESCO. In each street or square in the cobbled streets there is a subject of interest.

Walking in Evora is something you do with the pleasure of discovery in mind. Not only because of its monuments but also other places just as, if not more, interesting that tell the history of Portugal. Ourselves becoming part of that history.

On these pages of Visitevora, you will find all the attractions you have heard about or read in books. Before or after you go through the city, find out what there is to visit in Évora next time you come to Alentejo, Portugal.

Among many places and monuments, this long list includes:

– Streets and squares;
– Palaces;
– Churches;
– Roman remains;
– Convents;
– Museums;
– Gardens;
– Old walls;
– Aqueduct;
– Theatre;
– Chapels;
– University.

Évora is a small city. It is possible to visit each one of these places with time. Otherwise, make your choices for a small first trip and leave a part of the finding to do on a new opportunity.

Cultural Centre Forum Eugénio de Almeida


Forum Eugénio de Almeida is one more of the many reasons to visit Evora. Almost all of them are related to the history which has made Evora a world heritage site in the centre of the amazing nature of Alentejo, not forgetting its gastronomy and wine production. But we also have modernity in Evora. Forum Eugénio de Almeida is an innovative space dedicated to the …

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Evora Museum, Museu Evora


Evora Museum is one of the most important in the city. So, it was remodelled in 2009. The façade looks amazing but inside was where the greatest modifications were made. Right now, Evora Museum has a few collections and an exhibition space at the same level as some museums throughout the world. Walking to high part of the city will get you to Evora Museum. …

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Evora Public Park, Jardim Público de Évora

evora park palace

Evora Public Park is a magnificent garden, both for the diversity of vegetation and colours and for the tranquility it offers. It even invites us to romance in the various corners that exist there. Evora Park – History It is a space with history, connected with the past and also with architecture. In its interior we find several monuments like, among others, the remains of …

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Visit Evora – Top 10 reasons to come to Alentejo, Portugal

visit evora

There are plenty of reasons to visit Evora. That is why it has always been one of the favorite destinations in Portugal for national and foreign tourists. This list shows only one of the possible top 10 reasons to visit Evora. Get inspired. Visit Evora – Location Where is Evora? In the heart of Alentejo, halfway between Lisbon and the Estremadura region of Spain. So, …

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Bones Chapel in Evora, Sao Francisco Church

bones chapel evora

Bones Chapel in Evora always comes to mind when you think of this city. Because it is scary or simply because it is one more of its great monuments. They are all spectacular. That’s why Evora is a World Heritage site according to UNESCO. But some are more fascinating than others! Bones Chapel is one of the most popular monuments in Evora. We can even …

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University of Evora, Colegio do Espírito Santo

evora university

The University of Evora (Evora University) is composed of several buildings, spread across town and the surrounding area, which accommodate the different departments. Practically all of them are restorations of old historical structures closely linked to the rich past of Evora. The most important building of the University of Evora is the Colégio do Espírito Santo, one of the places most visited by tourists from …

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Giraldo Square, Praça do Giraldo

giraldo square

In Evora, all streets lead to Giraldo Square, Praça do Giraldo in Portuguese. It has been like this since its construction, in 1571/1573. This is where you will end up walking to. And where you will want to sit on a terrace and have a drink. Giraldo Square is an icon paying tribute to Fearless Geraldo Geraldes, the man who conquered Evora from the Moors …

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Roman Baths in Evora Town Hall

roman baths evora

Evora Roman Baths were probably built between the 2nd and 3rd centuries. They were discovered at the end of 1987, when archaeological excavations were being made in the oldest part of Evora Town Hall building, in Largo do Sertorio. Like every person living in Evora might have predicted. When we have excavations in the historic centre, we always find more remains of the past. These …

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