Visit Evora

Evora is a city to visit slowly so that you can investigate why its classification as World Heritage by UNESCO. In each street or square in the cobbled streets there is a subject of interest.

Walking in Evora is something you do with the pleasure of discovery in mind. Not only because of its monuments but also other places just as, if not more, interesting that tell the history of Portugal. Ourselves becoming part of that history.

On these pages of Visitevora, you will find all the attractions you have heard about or read in books. Before or after you go through the city, find out what there is to visit in Évora next time you come to Alentejo, Portugal.

Among many places and monuments, this long list includes:

– Streets and squares;
– Palaces;
– Churches;
– Roman remains;
– Convents;
– Museums;
– Gardens;
– Old walls;
– Aqueduct;
– Theatre;
– Chapels;
– University.

Évora is a small city. It is possible to visit each one of these places with time. Otherwise, make your choices for a small first trip and leave a part of the finding to do on a new opportunity.

Evora Library

evora library

Evora Library, or Evora Public Library, is an imposing building on the top part of the city, where other monuments were also built. You will surely find it when you explore the historic streets. It opened in 1666 with the objective to be the Colégio dos Moços do Coro da Sé (college for the choir boys of the cathedral), according to an idea of the …

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Garcia de Resende Theatre, Teatro Garcia de Resende

theatre evora

Teatro Garcia de Resende is a theatre with a name which honours a Renaissance important figure in Portugal (born in Evora) who was a poet, a chronicler, a designer and an architect. It is one of the best representations in the country of what we can call “Italian-style theatres”. José Ramalho Dinis Perdigão, owner of Garcia de Resende Theatre, started its construction in October 1881. …

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Evora Town Hall

evora town hall

Evora Town Hall is not only the stage of political activities but also of discoveries of its architecture during visits from tourists and people who live in town. The building of Evora Town Hall is an old palace and invites you in. Since the beginning of the creation of the municipality, the political decisions were not always made here, in Praça do Sertório (Sertório Square), …

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Agua de Prata Aqueduct, Aqueduto da Água de Prata

photos evora aqueduct

Agua de Prata Aqueduct in Évora (Aqueduto da Água de Prata) is, for its size, one of the most impressive monuments in the city. It doesn’t let us forget the ingenuity required to provide the people in Evora with water since ancient times. For that and other reasons, it is considered a Portuguese National Monument since 1910. The construction of Agua de Prata Aqueduct was …

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Evora Tourist Office in Giraldo Square

tourist office evora information

The Tourist Office in Giraldo Square (Praça do Giraldo) couldn’t have a better location. It is right in the centre of Evora. From here, you will set off to get to know all the monuments and taste all the delicacies that the nice Alentejo people will offer you. Visiting Evora on foot is always the best way to discover every single moment of its history. …

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