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Food and Drink

Eating and drinking in Alentejo

Alentejo gastronomy and the award-winning Alentejo wines are two very strong reasons to visit us and keep coming back.

Our food defies all the senses, wether we tasted it in a restaurant or at our local host’s home. The food gets us close to the flavours of this land and puts is in touch with its never-ending fields. The way herbs go with Alentejo dishes is well recognised, giving them colour and an unmistakable taste of this wonderful landscape.

Alentejo wine complements food properly and awakes our wish to cover the region roads following the Rota dos Vinhos do Alentejo (Alentejo Wine Route). White or red, these wines are the result of centuries perfecting the techniques that take advantage of the climate to create worldwide famous wines.

One of the best ways to appreciate food and drinking in Alentejo is to search for a restaurant in Evora which the locals prefer. Come with us. Don’t be shy. Bring your friends!

Alentejo wine, Portugal wine

alentejo wine evora

Alentejo wine, the excellent and renowned mature wine from Alentejo, is only one more of the riches of this land. There are even connoisseurs that say that these are probably the best wines in the world. Nothing better than tasting them, especially if you can do it together with Alentejo food. Or with any of the products in these lands. For example, cheese and wine… …

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