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Practical information to visit Evora and Alentejo

Here, you will find everything you need to know to plan your trip to Evora and Alentejo. Make the most of your trip in the region.

Rent a car in Alentejo, Portugal – Driving to and around the region

rental car alentejo portugal

Renting a car in Alentejo is an exciting way to explore the region. We do have private car tours designed specifically for those who love to just relax during their holidays while learning more and more from locals. But we understand that driving yourself while travelling through Portugal is a different adventure. The roads in Alentejo are in good condition and have little traffic. They …

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How to get to Evora, travel to Evora

get to evora

After you get to know the answer to the question “Where is Evora?” by seeing its location on a map, you will understand that its geographic position makes travelling to the capital of Alentejo quite easy. Evora, even though administratively considered as south of Portugal, is not that far from a central position in the country. So, if you want to travel to Evora departing …

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Car parking in Evora, where to park

parking Evora

Parking in Evora can be a hard task for those who don’t know the city. The historic centre is an entanglement of streets, some of them quite narrow. People who visit Evora by car (their own or a rental) for the first time will need a bit of help choosing the car park with the best location. That is why you need these tips. Especially …

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Where is Evora, Alentejo Portugal

Where is Evora

Where is Evora in Portugal? The city is in Alentejo, a region in the south of Portugal. Evora is, in fact, the capital of Alentejo, literally “beyond Tagus”, a river which is born in Spain and meets the ocean in Lisbon. The region is the largest in Portugal, one of the most beautiful and so one of the most visited by tourists too. Evora location …

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Free WiFi areas in Evora, internet hotspots

wifi evora internet hotsposts

The free wifi areas in Evora will be useful for you to go online and be able to share your feelings on the city with your friends. Express your sensations through words. Show them photos of Evora and photos of Alentejo that seems to have no end. Record it all on video. Wifi will also be handy to help you search for restaurants, museums, tips …

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When to visit Evora

When visit Evora

When to visit Evora? Actually, any time of the year is great to do it. This city World Heritage UNESCO is always ready to welcome visitors from any part of the world. There are many reasons to visit Evora, but those that any traveller remembers immediately have to do with the fantastic Alentejo food and the Alentejo wines. Well, this delicious gastronomy is always in …

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Alentejo climate, Evora weather | Alentejo, Portugal

Interior Alentejo climate and Evora climate have the same features. Therefore, it is typically mediterranean, although it also has some Atlantic influence. The weather in Evora and inner Alentejo usually means extremes in terms of rain and temperature. Winters are a bit rainy and cold; Summers are very dry and hot. If we look at the statistics of climate in Evora throughout the records, we …

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