Tourism in Evora and Alentejo has been growing since 1986, when UNESCO considered the city world heritage. Find out why on the following pages.

Evora UNESCO World Heritage

unesco evora

Evora is considered world heritage by UNESCO since 1986. The main reason for this distinction is the fact that Evora is the best example of a city in the golden age of Portugal after the destruction of Lisbon in the 1755 earthquake. Evora UNESCO world heritage is a recognition of the city importance and has brought it a lot of visitors over the years. Let´s …

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Evora coat of arms | Details of the exciting town history

evora coat arms

The image of the coat of arms of Evora, like the one in any city, is intimately associated to its history. It has a lot of details and it is truly a work of art. In the interior of a golden shield, we se the horseman Geraldo Geraldes galloping on a black horse while wielding a bloody silver sword. On the bottom of Evora’s coat …

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