Alentejo climate, Evora weather | Alentejo, Portugal

Interior Alentejo climate and Evora climate have the same features. Therefore, it is typically mediterranean, although it also has some Atlantic influence.

The weather in Evora and inner Alentejo usually means extremes in terms of rain and temperature. Winters are a bit rainy and cold; Summers are very dry and hot.

If we look at the statistics of climate in Evora throughout the records, we find the following data.

Evora Climate – Temperature

  • Average maximum temperatures between 57.2ºF / 14ºC (December-January) and 91.4ºF / 33ºC (July-August)
  • Average minimum temperatures between 41ºF / 5ºC (January) and 60.8ºF / 16ºC (July-August)
Average temperature Evora climate
Average temperatures in Evora – Source Worldweatheronline

But this is what average numbers show. Sometimes we can get 32ºF / 0ºC or less on cold Winter nights and in the Summer it is common to have heat waves of several days with thermometers reaching 104ºF / 40ºC. Autumn/Fall and Spring usually have mild and pleasant temperatures, perfect to get to know Evora and the outskirts. It is very rare to have snow in Evora, the last occasion was in January 2006.

Evora Climate – Rainfall

  • Average maximum levels of rainfall above 2.95in / 75mm on October, November and December
  • Average minimum levels of rainfall under 0.43in / 11mm in June, July and August
  • A maximum of 11 days of rain a month from October to January; a minimum of 1/2 days of rain from June to August
Average rainfall Evora Climate
Average rainfall Evora – Source Worldweatheronline

Bear in mind that the graphics give you a notion of what you can expect of the climate in Evora but that global climate changes have also affected the patterns. In the last 10 years some Winters have been completely dry and other very rainy; some Summers have been extremely hot and other pretty mild.

If you are planning to visit Evora, come in the time of the year most convenient to you. The weather can change your plans slightly but it will always be possible to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer. The reasons to visit Evora are numerous! Why not enjoy the good weather and try one of our Alentejo trekking tours?

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