evora market
Evora Market

Evora Market, Mercado Municipal de Evora

Evora Municipal Market is located on the nice 1º de Maio Square, near Evora Public Park, Rossio, S. Francisco Church and the famous Bones Chapel. It is also not too far from Giraldo Square, the great city centre. By the market, we also find one of the many departments of Evora University.

Because this area has so many points of interest, many tourists visit it, as well as students, professors,… This is a busy area in Evora. People that go through here get together in the different terraces around the market.

Evora Municipal Market is a symbol of the local economy and the good products that come out of Alentejo. It was closed during several years but, in April 2006, it was reopened. The interior space was completely renovated and the public plaza is very interesting. Ideal for a short walk.

This is also a great place to find local products like good Alentejo cheese or a delicious “paio” (sausage), regional cakes and some souvenirs of Evora, of course.

The fresh smells of the goods produced by local gardeners delight every visitor to the market. You can find fresh fish, vegetables, butchers’, handicrafts shops, a mini market, a newsagent’s, a coffee shop.

You can visit Evora Market between 7 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon. The perfect time to relax in one of the terraces. Do not expect it to be open on Mondays.

The market and the entire 1º de Maio Square turn this place into a picturesque one to have a very nice breakfast, talk to the locals and observe the daily life of people in Evora.

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