Route train / bus stations to Evora city centre

Evora is a relatively small city. So, it is very easy to go from the bus and train stations to Evora city centre. You can even cover the distance on foot.

Train Statin Evora route to city centre
Evora train station

If you already know how to get to Evora and decided to come to the city using public transport, the route from the stations is short and straightforward. Unless you carry a lot of bags, getting to Giraldo Square, the centre of Evora, you can and should cover walk the distance. Even if it is a bit uphill.

Train station – Giraldo Square: 3280 ft (1000 m)
Bus station – Giraldo Square: 2300 ft (700 m)

Of course you need a hotel in Evora and that is where you will probably head to. But the offer in terms of accommodation is so much that it is easier to show you the route to Giraldo Square for you to have a notion of the distances and because there are a lot of hotel options right in the historic centre of Evora.

Route from public transport stations to Evora centre

Have fun in Evora.

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