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The Place at Evoramonte - Guesthouse in Alentejo. Every hotel should be like this.

The Place at Evoramonte – Alentejo guesthouse to call home near the sky

Finding a hotel in Alentejo is not that hard. But one where we feel perfectly at home is a whole different story. That’s what The Place at Evoramonte is. And much more.

Less than 15 people live inside the small castle walls at Evoramonte, also spelled Evora Monte, with only one central street and two side ones (which follow the walls dating back to the 14th century).

This village is mostly known because of a very important moment in the history of Portugal. It was here that, in 1834, the Peace Treaty known as “Convention of Evoramonte” or “Concession of Evoramonte” was signed, ending the only Portuguese civil war in practically 900 years of existence. More than enough reason for the site to be part of the European Network of Places of Peace, among just 11 other member towns across Europe.

room evoramonte hotel
A room inside The Place at Evoramonte, within the castle walls.

Here, on top of the highest hill, quietness is guaranteed. Just what you need, every day, after exploring the Alentejo. Most guests make The Place at Evoramonte their refuge, their base, while visiting the region for several days.

The Place at Evoramonte is an incredible location, with great attention to decoration details and a wonderful welcome from the proud hosts, Vicki and Mitch (Scottish and South African). Here’s the recipe they followed to have online reviews which rate this accommodation in Alentejo as “Excellent”.

Being travellers themselves, they understand a traveller’s needs. And that is part of the story of how they they fell in love with Portugal and specifically with sunny Alentejo after dreaming all their lives about having their own B&B.

evoramonte hotel room
Saying goodbye to the day from your hotel room in Evoramonte, Alentejo.

Perseverance lead them to an old building in Evoramonte. It was love at first sight. The couple sold their home in London and, after 3 years of hard work, finally opened The Place at Evoramonte.

Who’s it for?

  • Lovers of the simple things in life
  • Those looking to be in the centre of what the wonderful Alentejo has to offer
  • History buffs with a lust for old walls
  • Anyone who cherishes a good conversation while witnessing an amazing sunset
sunset alentejo hotel
Sunsets are the highlight of the day at this Alentejo guesthouse.

Evoramonte Guesthouse – The Rooms and shared areas

Vicki and Mitch bought most of the decoration features years ago wherever they would visit or live: England, Africa, Asia, the Middle East… They kept many of the nuances from the old house, almost untouched, maintaining its soul present on the wooden floors and doors, as well as in the masonry. So, The Place at Evoramonte now has modern touches and historic features. Lovely.

hotel alentejo
Your private sunset from your hotel window in Alentejo.

Each one of the four different rooms has its own character, blending the travel theme and the Alentejo essence together. This guest house in Alentejo provides AC in every room, as well as a private bathroom. Free WiFi is also available. Even though The Place at Evoramonte is the ideal setting to disconnect and simply enjoy each moment…

If you are successful in booking the hard to get Room 4, The Suite, you will even be awaken by the warm sun in the morning, facing the beautiful valleys from your bed. Savour the time spent inside the gorgeous bathtub remembering a day well-spent in the Alentejo or reading one of the books and magazines available throughout the guesthouse. Cooking your own meals is also possible in this room, since it has a private kitchenette. The private balcony is a must.

suite hotel alentejo The Place at Evoramonte
The Suite is a spacious room with a vintage bath, a private balcony and a kitchenette. Your room in Alentejo leaves as much wonderful memories as the daily exploration of the region.
evoramonte hotel suite
Bathroom of the suite. Time is slow in Alentejo.

In the shared areas of The Place at Evoramonte you can meet fellow travellers and make friends with the Alentejo in common. The balconies are perfect to enjoy a glass of wine while telling stories.

The Snug feels like your own living room, where you can play board games, read or plan your next day with the help of Mitch and Vicki’s suggestions and the exclusive map they created themselves.

evoramonte guesthouse
The Snug is a great place in this Alentejo guesthouse in Evoramonte to simply relax or plan your next day.

Evoramonte exclusive terraces for guests to enjoy the view and the food

Uniquely for guests, the two large balconies are one more reason to wake up at Evoramonte’s slow pace. Breakfast consisting of local products is ready for you. Again, that view, if the weather allows it. And it usually does pretty much all-year round. Otherwise, have your first meal of the day inside.

During the day, the landscape can draw you in to lazily stay. Enjoy the time you have taken to yourself and feel the breeze, cherish the sun or shade, follow the birds with your eyes.

Guests order their dinner between 19.00 and 19.30. As far as cooking goes, the hosts offer what they know best: amazing Pizza made from scratch with fresh ingredients, a multicultural proper Irish Burger with a secret South African sauce in between local bread, Thai Duck and Pumpkin with olive oil and spices (a favourite among regulars), Portuguese Cheese and Ham Platter to taste the Alentejo delicacies,…

A burger in Alentejo? Sure. Why now? Delicious!

Nature sets up a show for all The Place at Evoramonte’s guests, every day, when the sun says goodbye on the distant horizon. You do not want to miss it.

Evoramonte Guesthouse – What to do nearby

Your hotel in Alentejo should be the centre of your discoveries in the region. The two UNESCO world heritage cities are only a short drive away from The Place at Evoramonte, through safe traffic-free beautiful roads. You will arrive at Évora in under 30 minutes. To Elvas, in the opposite direction, you need 45 minutes.

In fact, taking different routes, in less than an hour, you can get to some of the best locations in the Alentejo: Arraiolos, Estremoz, Vila Viçosa, Monsaraz, S. Pedro do Corval, Azaruza, Redondo, multiple wineries, cork tours and factories, olive oil tastings, megalithic sites,… A 170km/106mi round trip drive can even show as many as 9 castles!

what to do in evoramonte
The countryside around Evoramonte is amazing for hiking. Or you could drive the Alentejo roads to discover the region.

In Evoramonte itself, you will have plenty of time to relax on the terrace but also to visit the castle streets and walk all around the historic walls to get a 360º panoramic view, find the unique hand-painted stones in the streets, visit the Celeiro Comum shop to buy local art and products, watch the majestic birds. There is still time to ride a bike or go on a walking tour in the countryside. Did you know that Evoramonte is formally on one of the routes of Caminhos de Santiago?

evoramonte castle street
What to do in Evoramonte? First of all, enjoy the historic castle streets and the view.

Every hotel should be like this. To leave their permanent mark on our mind. Like we leave behind a little bit of ourselves in conversations with the hosts. They were extremely fortunate to find this place and the house. But making it into The Place is entirely their merit.

To increase the odds of staying at The Place at Evoramonte, it’s a good idea to check your favourite dates a month in advance. But you can equally be lucky, just like Vicki and Mitch, and make your booking on short notice. They will be expecting you with a smile, like they always do.

The Place at Evoramonte - Information
Address and reservationsTimetable
  • Address: Rua de Santa María 26, Evoramonte 7100-314, Portugal

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Languages spoken: English, Portuguese, Africâner, Dutch
Guests over 16 years old only
Smoking not allowed


  • Check-in between 15:00 and 18:00 / Check-out before 11:00

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