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Evora free Wifi area in Praça 1º de maio

Free WiFi areas in Evora, internet hotspots

The free wifi areas in Evora will be useful for you to go online and be able to share your feelings on the city with your friends. Express your sensations through words. Show them photos of Evora and photos of Alentejo that seems to have no end. Record it all on video.

Wifi will also be handy to help you search for restaurants, museums, tips and hotels in Evora.

In Evora’s historical centre there is free wireless connection through wifi hotspots that are part of the project “Evora Digital District”, put together by the Association of Municipalities in Evora District.

Online access in Evora is made on the following hotspots, which you can use from your own smartphone, tablet or laptop.

  • Giraldo Square – the heart of the city. Share it!
  • Sertorio Square – where the Evora Town hall is. Enter the building to see its architecture, the roman ruins and to use the wired free internet on the available desktops.
  • Public Garden – have a coffee and relax in one of the terraces while you check your email and your favourite social network.
  • Parque Industrial e Tecnológico de Évora (industrial park) – find businesses, communicate with your loved ones.

But there aren’t free Wifi hotspots only in Evora. You can also surf freely online in other villages and cities in Alentejo. These are some examples for when you travel in the region: Alandroal, Arraiolos, Borba, Estremoz, Montemor-o-Novo, Mora, Mourão, Portel, Redondo, Reguengos de Monsaraz, Vendas Novas, Viana do Alentejo, Vila Viçosa.

You can’t be offline? Now there is no excuse to stay home. Come enjoy the sun in Evora and stay in touch with your family and friends.

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