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Get to Evora at Icarus roundabout, IP2

How to get to Evora, travel to Evora

After you get to know the answer to the question “Where is Evora?” by seeing its location on a map, you will understand that its geographic position makes travelling to the capital of Alentejo quite easy.

Evora, even though administratively considered as south of Portugal, is not that far from a central position in the country.

So, if you want to travel to Evora departing from other Portuguese cities, it will be both easy and fast no matter the means of transportation you might use: rented car (or your own), bus, train.

Evora on a mapa of Portugal

How to get to Evora by car

Renting a car in Portugal is the best way to travel in the country because it gives you greater independence and makes it easy to choose the places to visit. In addition, it is extremely simple to foreigners.

Public transport Evora
Jardim dos Colegiais – Choose your way

The following suggestions are an overview of directions to take to get to Evora from the North, South, East and West.

Driving to Evora coming from the West – Lisboa/Lisbon

The distance Lisbon to Evora is about 81 mi / 130 km and the average travel time will be 1h15m on the highway/motorway. Depending on the exact location where you start your journey in Lisbon, get out of the city through 25 de Abril Bridge (A2) or Vasco da Gama Bridge (A12).

Directions are easy to follow on A2 highway/motorway (switch to this one at a certain point if you used A12 to leave Lisbon). A little further ahead you will have change from A2 to A6. Then to the national road N114, only 7.5 mi / 12 km away from Evora. Driving straight ahead, you will find Evora Walls.

Driving to Evora coming from the East – Badajoz, Spain

The distance from Spain Badajoz-Evora is only 62 mi / 100 km. It is very easy to cover if you choose A6 highway/motorway. The exit to Evora is only 9.3 mi / 15 km from the city through the N18, the road which connects Evora to Estremoz. If you want to drive from Spain through the Alentejo roads, you will find a beautiful and relaxing landscape and a few villages along the way.

Driving to Evora coming from the North

  • Through the coast – Porto-Evora

Unless you are following a route with the purpose to know Portugal stopping in several places, the best way to get to Evora driving from Porto/Oporto (233mi / 375km, 4h average driving time) is to head South using the highway/motorway (A1) until Santarém. After that, continue along IC10 until you are near Almeirim and get on the highway/motorway again (A13). Finally, follow A6 starting in Marateca.

To save a few miles / kilometres (and toll money), after you exit A1, always drive through IC10 until Coruche and then use N114 passing in Montemor-o-Novo on your way to Evora.

  • Through the interior

Still coming from the North, but via the interior of Portugal, the best rout to get to Evora by car is to use IP2. This main road starts way up North in the beautiful city of Bragança and passes through other district capitals equally rich in terms of architectural and cultural heritage: Guarda, Castelo Branco, Portalegre.

How to get to Evora by car from the south – Algarve, Faro

Once again, getting to Evora is also quite simple coming from the Algarve. As this region is about 106mi / 170km long (by road), the way I propose for reference is Faro-Evora (140mi / 225km, 2h30m average travel time).

Get on the Via do Infante (A22) and then follow the A2. Leave the highway near Ourique and take the IP2 towards Evora, passing Beja and Portel.

How to get to Evora using public transport

Getting to Evora coming from Lisbon in public transport is inexpensive and the journey is both comfortable and fast.

Arrive Evora
Train station Evora

Train Lisbon to Evora

The journey Lisbon to Evora by train takes 1h30m. The average price for this service depends on the type of ticket you choose.

  • Departure from these stations in Lisbon – Oriente, Entrecampos, Sete Rios, Pragal
    • Single (1st class) – 16,20€
    • Single (2nd class) – 12,20€
    • Return (1st class) – 29,50€
    • Return (2nd class) – 22,00€

Bus Lisbon to Evora

The national inter-city bus (Rede de Expressos) takes between 1h30m and 1h45m to get to Evora from Lisbon. The price of a normal bus ticket is around 12€ (single) and 21€ (return).

Transfers to Evora by car
Another option is to use our services of Evora Transfers, which consist of the convenient transportation from/to Lisbon or any other part of Portugal. This way, the drive time will, right away, be used to get to know the history of Alentejo talking to our driver/guide. Who knows if this isn’t the beginning of one of our Alentejo Tours
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