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Going out at night in Evora, Alentejo Portugal

Going out at night in Evora, nightlife in Alentejo

Going out at night in Evora means to find a series of welcoming and cheerful places (bars or pubs, discos, cafés, terraces, wine bars) where tourists meet with Alentejo people to relax after a day walking around the city. If you sleep in a hotel in Evora at least one night and would like to go out at night, you have many different places to have fun.

Going out at night in Evora – suggestions

Evora is an open-air museum. So, weather permitting, we advise you to start your night at a lovely terrace with a beautiful view. You can choose one of the many cafes and restaurants with terrace in Giraldo Square, with all the advantages the central square offers. Or you could go up to 5 de Outubro Street and turn right immediately at Alcárcova de Baixo, which has lately become a joyful place with terraces to hang out.

If you go further up the previously mentioned 5 de Outubro Street, you will find Páteo, a typical Mediterranean patio, where orange trees take a special place allowing an ideal temperature inside for the beginning of the night.

Also not too far away from Giraldo Square, you have Art Cafe in Serpa Pinto Street. In this nice historical place you can take the time to flavour a drink while you enjoy the exhibitions.

If your desire is to taste an excellent Alentejo wine (or from any other part of Portugal and beyond), choose one of the existing wine bars in the city like WineTime 93, in Raimundo Street. Here you have a very diverse wine list. The decoration of this wine bar makes the experience of drinking even more enjoyable because details like the wooden pipes remind us of wine production.

If, on the other hand, you feel like having a Gin, you can always go to bars or pubs specialised in this drink like Culpa Tua, in Joaquim Antonio de Aguiar Square, in front of the magnificent 19th century Garcia de Resende Theatre. Pick one of the numerous gins, as well as the water. Mandatory for those who love this drink.

In the same square, you can choose Bar do Teatro when you go out at night in Evora. Like the name suggests, it is located right in Garcia de Resende Theatre. The artists visit it many times, after they finish their shows or rehearsals.

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Nightlife in Evora – Going out to dance

Not very far, in Calvario Street, the welcoming “worst” tasca (tavern) in the world. We are talking about Aqui Há Gato, where the vintage decoration is a must. It is specially hilarious to spend some time seeing the advertising signs from the first half of the 20th century on the walls, absorbing a bit of the history of communication in Portugal.

If you wish to try the nightlife in Evora to listen to live music, our suggestion is Bar do Tunel, again, in Alcarcova de Baixo Street. This is a reference spot for live music in Evora where you can listen to the great national and international hits.

We also advise you to check out Molhó Bico The Party House, in Avis Street, in case you’re going with live music. The vintage decoration is dedicated to rock music. It creates the perfect ambiance to the good concerts held.

Going out at night in Evora if you are a young adult means to spend some time at BARUE, the pub of the Students Association of Evora University. This is the place to go for university/college students. Since it has a big outdoor space, it is ideal for large groups.

Another interesting suggestion is the bar in Sociedade Joaquim Antonio de Aguiar, in Pateo do Salema, a workman society created in 1900. The venue still keeps some traces of a typical 20th century Portuguese society bar/pub.

A well-deserved highlight goes to Bar Capítulo 8. With an extended schedule, it is also a sort of “official bar” for Erasmus students. This is the place where you can meet people from different countries enjoying the dancefloor and the array of available shots. The nights are always intense, following the motto written in one of Capítulo 8 walls “Erasmus is not one year in a life, but a life in one year”.

Finally, and to put an end to this small trip through some of the best nightlife attractions in Evora, if you think it is still early to go home, you can go to the disco Praxis Club, in Valdevinos Street. It has two independent dance floors and a chillout area. The fun lasts until 6 in the morning.

Save your energy for your next day in Evora. If you are too tired, you can always take an nap. Alentejo style. You will probably need even more energy to enjoy the nightlife in Evora again.

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