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Cork tours in Alentejo countryside

A guided tour on the Alentejo countryside shows us the secrets kept by the “alentejanos” about the natural paradise where they live. On a trekking expedition or on a 4×4 tour, being in contact with the unspoiled nature of the region is a unique experience. After all, when we think of Alentejo we immediately imagine the calmness it convey us, right?

But we also imagine the landscapes, the smells, the flavours and other sensations… Besides the historical and charming sites and the welcoming people you can read about in this website, we now propose something else. Many of the products from Alentejo are born outside its cities and villages. Namely, the renewed cork, olive oil, ham, cheese, sausage, honey, wine,… We are going to get up close and personal with some of these products on a tour which takes us to the heart of Alentejo guided by someone who studies and loves this land.

What are the activities?

The nature on the site of our tour is typical of the region and practically unaltered by humans, although we have been exploring it across the centuries. We take you on an Alentejo tour through the forest where cork oak and holm oaks are royalty. But we also introduce you to other goods from a farmstead with tradition in products from Alentejo. Come with us…

  • Discover the cork oak forest and learn all about cork in an innovating activity we call Corktrekking. We hike slowly through the fields or, if you prefer or are short on time, set off on an all-terrain vehicle adventure. Always in the good humour which characterises an enthusiastic group of curious explorers longing to understand the process from the birth until the extraction of cork.
  • Unravel the mysteries of megalithic monuments in Alentejo with the investigation on site of the techniques used to build the dolmens in the mountains of Serra d’Ossa, its symbolism and myths. This well-preserved set of monuments is the oldest proof of the settling of Man in the region.
  • Find the habitat of the renowned Black Iberian Pig, whose high quality meat is produced with the Alentejo acorns consumption.
  • Get to know the growing of the vineyard and, of course, taste the wine produced on the farm, acclaimed both in the national and internacional markets.

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Where is it?

Our guided tours in Alentejo, Portugal are held in the region of Serra d’Ossa, near Aldeia da Serra, between Estremoz and Redondo. We are vey well situated, less than 50km (30mi) from Évora, Arraiolos, Vila Viçosa, Borba, Monsaraz, Reguengos de Monsaraz, Alandroal, Juromenha,… Driving to the farm is extremely easy and the route is, in itself, an excellent way to enjoy the landscape on a small road trip. Using the motorway, if you are coming from Lisbon, it takes you only 2 hours to arrive; 1 hour from Spain (Badajoz). Not having a car is not an issue. We can pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.

Who is the guide?

Our guide, Zé Inverno, was born in the countryside and grew up in close contact with the wisdom of the people who work the land. Then, he became an archaeologist and learned about the peoples who inhabited Alentejo since prehistoric times and left their monuments here. Zé’s passion and pride in Alentejo make him the perfect person to guide you.

Which are our several guided tours in Alentejo?

We offer a broad range of activities. Trekking in the cork oak forest (Corktrekking) brings us an incredible peace of mind. But an ATV ride takes us beyond with another perspective, as if we were on a safari in Alentejo. If this is your choice, we will help you discover your adventurous spirit.

How much are the tours in Alentejo?

The prices of our tours in Alentejo countryside vary essentially according to the means of transport used and the duration of the activity. Our most frequent services are as follows.

  • Walk on the cork forest (2h) – 35€
  • Walk on the cork forest and vineyard (3.30h) – 40€
  • Walk on the farm and surrounding hills + Lunch (full day) – 70€
  • Exploration of Serra d’Ossa dolmens (half day, on 4×4) – 50€
  • 4×4 tour on the farm (2h) – 45€
  • Wine tastings (including Iberian Black Pork and cheese tasting) – from 20€
  • Traditional 3-course meal in a typical restaurant (wine inc) – 25€
  • Experience Pack (Hike + Dolmens’ exploration + Lunch + Wine Tasting + Iberian black pork and cheese tasting) – 85€
  • Experience Pack (Jeep Tour + Dolmens’ exploration + Lunch + Wine Tasting + Iberian black pork and cheese tasting) – 95€

Children: 0 to 6 – €5; 7 to 15 – 50% discount.
Shuttle transportation from your hotel to the farm: request a quote.
All prices shown per person. Guided tours are only available if booked 1/2 days in advance.

Alentejo = Olive Oil, Cork and Wine
These 3 products immediately identify the Alentejo. Therefore, we suggest that you combine your cork tour with an olive oil tasting. The wine… It can always be present in these experiences.

  • Olive oil tasting – 20€/pax
  • Olive oil tasting with regional products tasting (cheese and sausage board) – 45€/pax
  • Olive oil tasting with regional products tasting, including lunch – 65€/pax

For more information, please refer to our page Olive oil tasting, where you can also book the two experiences. The two properties are a 30 minutes drive away from each other.

For a full day complete experience, including transportation, join us in our Tour Alentejo – Olive oil, Cork and Wine | The best of our region.

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Fill in the contact form. Make your booking and join us to find the soul of the Alentejo fields. See you soon!

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