vitoria stone hotel evora
Vitória Stone Hotel, Évora

Vitoria Stone Hotel – Evora and Alentejo await inside

Entering Vitoria Stone Hotel doesn’t mean we should leave the fields of Alentejo behind. The charm of the landscape which accompanies us along the roads until we reach this hotel in Evora keeps on being present. In the peculiar tones of the region. In the noble stones which are extracted here or those worshiped since pre-historic times. In the ever-present cork.

This is why we come to Evora and Alentejo. But it is also for the sincere hospitable way we are greeted at the reception, right after we go deep in the history of these lands, through the careful decoration with details showing how the handicraft of today represents day-to-day objects of other times.

Vitoria Stone Hotel Evora – Rooms

All the areas and hallways in Vitoria Stone Hotel respect the chosen theme of the stone, clearly highlighted in its own name. By walking through menhirs and dolmens, we get to a space which is ours alone.

room hotel evora
One of the rooms in Vitória Stone Hotel.

Inside the cosy minimalist bedrooms, everything has its right place. The details were created to give us a memorable stay and the will to… return. From the chosen lighting to the colours, textures and odours which invite the senses to a well-deserved rest at the end of the afternoon or at night. The next morning, the light behind the window curtains announces the beginning of the day in Evora and calls us to the balcony.

Vitoria Stone Hotel Evora – Breakfast

In the breakfast room, the background music emphasises Portuguese sounds. It helps us to really awake for the new day.

hotel evora breakfast
The breakfast room. Good morning!

The central piece of the big room is a table where the numerous options don’t make choices easy. Typical slate blackboards let us know about each of the delicacies, whose origins can’t possibly be mistaken. After we find the one board that salutes the season of the year, we whet our appetite going round the table. Besides the hot dishes and a whole paraphernalia of cereals, we also have the bread. From Alentejo, of course, but also other types combining with distinct tastes.

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“No diet today” is written in one of the blackboards. Natural juices complement seasonal fruit. The same fruit the chef has used to prepare some of the memorable jams. A few traditional Portuguese cakes or ones specific to the region are also available. Cheese and cold cuts remind us that we are in Alentejo. Like we could forget…

According to our preference or the outside temperature, we look for a table to stay unhurriedly. On the balcony or inside?

Vitoria Stone Hotel Evora – Terrace with pool, bar, gym and sauna

Going up to the terrace leads us to… the view over the historic centre of Evora. The highlight goes to the cathedral as well as other religious buildings which we will certainly visit.

pool hotel evora
The terrace pool of Vitoria Stone Hotel.

While we are at the terrace, decorated with small plants of cork oak and lavanda, we can enjoy a soothing drink served at the bar. Sitting at the table or on a relaxing pool lounger on our own small island. Inside the pool, essential during the hot summer months of the region, we have the sensation that the water meets the infinity of Alentejo lands.

For those who like to start the day exercising, the gym provides the opportunity to do it with the sky as a partner. After that, who knows, the sauna helps recover our energy.

hotel evora sauna
The peaceful sauna in this hotel in Evora.

Vitoria Stone Hotel Evora – Spa

Going down the stairs from the terrace, we are tempted to stay in the Almendra Spa or schedule for later. Everything inside this space attracts us to moments when we pamper our body and mind. In fact, coming to this part of Portugal also means to simply… rest.

spa hotel evora
Almendra Spa treatment. Rejuvenating and revigorating in Evora.

In the jacuzzi, on the huge chair or at the massage table, the music rocks us throughout the selected treatment. Alone or with a partner. In this hotel in Evora we have to choose (among others) Unique Moments or Therapeutic, Holistic and Relaxation Massages. Or even a Signature Treatment. No matter the option, it is hard to resist the temptation to include experiences we can only have in Alentejo, like combining our wine with a massage. It sounds great, don’t you think?

The Spa is temporarily closed due to Covid-19. As soon as possible, it will be ready again to welcome you and give you moments of pure relaxation.

Vitoria Stone Hotel Evora – Restaurant

At lunch time or at the end of our day in Evora, the hotel restaurant is a reference in the city, well-known to the locals. Adopting the name 5amêndoas (5almonds), it proudly serves the chef’s personal interpretations of regional dishes.

5amendoas vitoria stone hotel
Alentejo served at the table in 5amendoas Restaurant.

The desire and anxiety to taste starts with the presentation of the photos in the menu, which so well represent what is going to reach the black stone table, where seasoning and decoration are clearly from Alentejo. Obviously. Unfortunately, words, as beautiful and well-chosen they may be, are not enough to describe flavours. We will have to come here. And come back, to alternate between the several inspired dishes honouring Evora and Alentejo.

Vitoria Stone Hotel Evora – Bar

Before looking for the comfort of our room again, we make one last stop at the intimate Avista Bar (Sight Bar). The large central table where breakfast was laid before now warms the ambiance if we are in a cold Autumn or Winter night. During these periods, the yellow and blue flames vibrate like a prelude for the beginning of the live music which livens us up at the weekends. If it is Summer time, maybe we go with a table at the balcony to feel Evora’s pure air.

evora bar avista
Finish your day in Evora at the Avista Bar.

There are many ways to end a night. But this is probably one of the most perfect. Among friends or in an occasion where we feel like letting romance happen.

Vitoria Stone Hotel is a boutique hotel created by an Evora family deeply dedicated to it. Because it is still fascinated by their homeland after generations and wants to passionately share it with those who come to visit or live here. That is why some services in Vitoria Stone Hotel are accessible to the public that is not staying on the lovely bedrooms. For example, Almendra Spa, Avista Bar and 5amêndoas Restaurant.

As for guests, they could almost spend a whole day inside without leaving this hotel in Evora, experiencing everything it has to offer… But, even so, they go out to explore the city and the outskirts to, at the end of the day, come back to their new home.

Vitoria Stone Hotel, Evora - Information
Address and reservationsTimetable
  • Address: Rua Diana de Lis 5, 7005-413 Evora, Portugal

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  • Reception – 24h
  • Almendra Spa – 10:00-19:00 (temporarily closed)
  • 5amêndoas Restaurant – 12:00-15:00 / 19:30-22:00
  • Avista Bar – 12:00-24:00

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