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Dom Joaquim Restaurant - Alentejo cuisine with a chef's personal touch.

Dom Joaquim Restaurant in Evora – Traditional Alentejo Food

If you would like to find a restaurant in Evora serving Alentejo traditional food that imprints the flavours of this land in your memory, you should do like the people who live in the city. We have long elected Dom Joaquim Restaurant as an excellent place to fall in love with our fine cuisine, always accompanied by Alentejo wines which make the desire to come back stronger.

Dom Joaquim became an Evora icon shortly after it opened, in 2007. It was born from the wish of its owner to create a restaurant of Alentejo cuisine which invites those who love the food and, at the same time, surprises them with the way the chef, Joaquim Almeida himself, adds his personal touch.

This is a restaurant to slowly taste what arrives to the table while you appreciate the welcoming environment of the dining room, perfect for small groups or a more intimate meal. With background music chosen to match the ambiance. The authenticity and good taste of the decoration in Dom Joaquim Restaurant never lets us forget we are in Alentejo. Even before the food comes to the table.

Dom Joaquim Restaurant, Evora – the food

The passion for Alentejo gastronomy shows in the dishes that are served, thanks to the talent and attention to details present in their preparation. So, the awards came up naturally. Both on regional and national levels, in multiple editions, especially in what traditional cuisine is concerned. From wine magazines to gastronomic contests, including Alentejo Tourism Prizes and a reference in Michelin Guide.

restaurant evora alentejo gastronomy
The passion of Alentejo food in the kitchen.

The multiple institutions which granted these awards are unanimous in recognising the quality of the products on offer to enhance the flavours of Alentejo on a personal and more contemporaneous approach. Always with well marked roots. And with a fantastic value for money on a varied menu so that the gastronomical experience of each client of this restaurant in Evora can be different every time and an invitation to coming back and recommending it. It is really easy to find a dish we fall in love with.

These are some of the references, with variable availability according to the seasons of the year and the chef’s imagination.


Cold or hot, the starters of this restaurant in Evora have ingredients that everybody knows in Alentejo and Portugal: mushrooms, cheese, cracklings, rabbit, asparagus, “farinheira” (smoked flour sausage), ham, oregano,…

restaurant evora starters
Alentejo products served as starters.


Portugal being a country where soup has such a distinct importance in its gastronomy (Alentejo is king in this regard), Dom Joaquim offers traditional delicacies.

  • Sargalheta de perdiz tostada no forno (Roasted partridge)
  • Açorda de bacalhau à alentejana com ovo escalfado (Codfish açorda Alentejo style with poached egg)
  • Sopa de cação (Dogfish Soup)

Fish dishes

restaurant evora alentejo cuisine
Delicious… like all other dishes in Dom Joaquim Restaurant.

Dishes made of ingredientes that come from the sea are not the key point on Alentejo restaurants. But these are also on the menu at Dom Joaquim. Try them out!

  • Massinha de peixe com camarão (Fish stew with shrimps)
  • Polvo assado no forno (Roasted octopus)
  • Robalo grelhado com molho de alho acompanhado de esmagada de grelos e batata (Grilled sea bass with garlic sauce, sprouts and potato)
  • Salmão com natas, cogumelos e camarão (Salmon with cream, mushrooms and shrimps)
  • Bacalhau no forno e seus legumes (Roasted codfish and vegetables)
  • Espetadas de lulas com camarão e tamboril (Squid, shrimps and monkfish on the spit)

Meat dishes

restaurant evora alentejo food
Your meal is served!

Dom Joaquim Restaurant makes its own recreation of a rich past on meat dishes from game or animals raised on the Alentejo plains and cork oak forests.

  • Feijoada ou arroz de lebre malandrinho (Hare stew of beans or rice)
  • Presa de porco preto grelhado com migas de espargo (Grilled black pork with asparagus crumbs)
  • Borrego assado no forno com batatinha a murro (Roasted lamb with potatoes)
  • Lombinho de porco à portuguesa (Roasted pork loin Portuguese style)
  • Migas de espargos com carne de porco do alguidar (Asparagus crumbs with pork meat)
  • Meia Perdiz acerejada no forno (Half a partridge on the oven)
  • Tornedó grelhado com molho de mostarda à antiga (Grilled rare beef with old style mustard sauce)
  • Bochecha de porco preto assada em vinho tinto acompanhada de castanhas e puré de maçã (Roasted pork cheek in red wine with chestnuts and apple puree)
  • Bife do lombo grelhado com molho à Dom Joaquim (Grilled sirloin steak with Dom Joaquim sauce)

Vegetarian dishes

With an Alentejo land from where such rich and natural ingredients come out, it also makes sense that a restaurant in Evora like Dom Joaquim offers a few vegetarian dishes. To taste because you are curious about them or because this is your diet of choice.

  • Canelones de espinafres e salada (Spinach and salad cannelloni)
  • Tarte de legumes com requeijão e salada (Vegetable pie with cream cheese and salad)


restaurant evora dessert
The house desserts, another unforgettable highlight of this restaurant in Evora.

Besides fruit, desserts served are the perfect ending for a meal in Evora. The challenge is to choose only one of these fine examples of Portuguese confectionery…

  • Fidalgo (soft eggs)
  • Doce de abóbora com amêndoas e pinhões (Pumpkin jam with almonds and pine nuts
  • Encharcada de Mourão (Convent Egg Sweet from Mourão)
  • Sopa dourada do Convento Santa Clara (Convent Egg Sweet from Santa Clara Convent)
  • Bolo cigano (Gipsy cake)
  • Sericá com ameixas de Elvas (Alentejo traditional cake with or without plum)
  • Torrão real de Évora
  • Bolo de chocolate com aguardente vínica e frutos secos (Chocolate cake with spirit and nuts)
  • Taça Dom Joaquim (Dom Joaquim Cup)

A children’s menu is also available together with all the above dishes.

Dom Joaquim Restaurant, Evora – the wines

restaurant evora alentejo wine
The vast selection of wines in Dom Joaquim Restaurant.

The decoration of this restaurant in Evora immediately clarifies its clients that serving wine with the meal is an art they practise here. You can see numerous bottles of a large and thorough selection of wines from the best grape varieties that Portugal harvests from its wine producing regions. We are in Alentejo. But, before that, in Portugal.

Wine and Alentejo food share the spotlight, combining perfectly. Even so that, periodically, a wine dinner takes place, with suggestions made by an oenologist. Apart from this, and because Dom Joaquim restaurant team likes to get involved in their own projects and join the best, they even tread the grapes that result in special editions, later sold at the table.

Dom Joaquim Restaurant, Evora – the brand

Over time, the pride and dedication in the preparation of the distinct dishes progressively extended into other products where Dom Joaquim’s mark also shows. Besides the already mentioned wines, an exclusive olive oil was created.

restaurant evora dom joaquim
Dom Joaquim’s jams. Take Evora home on a jar.

For the Summer time, a creamy ice cream was created. You can’t miss it after your main dishes. For those with a sweet tooth but also for good food lovers in general. To take home as a souvenir from Evora, pick a jam. Every time you taste it, you will remember Dom Joaquim.

Dom Joaquim Restaurant - Information
Location and contactOpening times
Morada: Rua Penedos 6, 7000-531 Évora
Reservations: +351 266 731 105 (during opening times)
Website: Dom Joaquim Restaurant

Tuesday to Saturday – 12.00-03.00 pm / 07.00-10.45 pm
Sunday – 12.00h-03.00 pm (closed on Monday)

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