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Local shops in Evora - Giraldo Square

Local shops in Evora

Local shops in Evora are very important for the city because they give life to the city centre. Both the population (the “Eborenses”) and the visitors can shop while enjoying the beauty of the buildings. Many of these are here for centuries and have “seen” a lot of people making business in fairs or shops.

The best streets to find local shops or the big national and international brands go out from Giraldo Square. Memorise the names of the main streets to find local shops in Evora before you go through the map below: Avis, Republica, Candido dos Reis, 5 de Outubro, Miguel Bombarda,…

Take your time wandering the streets. Walk under the arches in Republica Street and Giraldo Square to protect yourself from the rain or the Alentejo sun while you shop. To buy local products or handicrafts souvenirs, from Giraldo Square, go up 5 de Outubro Street towards Evora Cathedral or Nova Street, that goes near the city hall. Also from Giraldo Square, go down Romao Ramalho Street until you reach Evora Market in 1º de Maio Square.

Above all… have fun in Evora and take a piece of it home.

Main streets to find local shops in Evora

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