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Evora Megalithic Tour (includes Almendres Cromlech)

Evora Megalithic Tour (Almendres Cromlech included)

Going on the Megalithic Tour in Evora, a visit to the megalithic monuments in this region, means to go back thousands of years in time. In Evora district there are more than 10 megalithic sites, making this fenomenal testimony of prehistory in Alentejo one of the most important in the Iberian Peninsula and Europe altogether.

These prehistoric monuments go back to the Neolithic period (5500-4500 BC). Their location in in the outskirts of Evora because this region is the only place where the river basins of the most important rivers in the south of Portugal come together: Tagus, Sado and Guadiana. So, the Alentejo plains were ideal for the last communities of hunter-gatherers humans to practise their way of living.

Visits of the Megalithic Tour in Evora

Almendres Cromlech

Almendres Cromlech (Cromeleque dos Almendres), or Almendres Megalithic Site, is the largest megalithic monument of the Iberian Peninsula and one of the oldest in the whole world. 2.000 years older than Stonehenge, this is the prehistoric site near Evora that everybody has heard about.

Today, Almendres Cromlech is made up of approximately 100 monoliths, with some remodelling and additions to the original layout. This mystical place was built on a location chosen because of the astronomical phenomena related with the annual movement of Sun and Moon. Nowadays, it is surrounded by a beautiful cork oak forest.

Almendres Menhir

We come across Almendres Menhir close to Almendres Cromlech, since they are intimately connected. Seen from the cromlech, the menhir indicates the sunrise in the summer solstice (the longest day of the year).

It has the shape of an elongated egg and has a crosier (staff) engraved in the top part. This form represents the importance of nature in the Neolithic, especially in what the domestication of animals is concerned.

Viewpoint Alto de São Bento

This is the highest and closest viewpoint towards the city of Evora, located near the Agua de Prata Aqueduct. Archeological studies which found silex blades in the area proved that it was inhabited in pre-history, probably during the transition from the Mesolithic to the Neolithic.

Up on the hill there is a granite massif with precious flora. On top of the rock, we can see restored windmills that used to produce flour with the help of the wind. Enjoy the view from the top on our Megalithic tour before you go back to Evora city centre!

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In our Evora Megalithic Tour you will be accompanied by a guide, whether you depart from Evora or any other location in Portugal. In an informal and personalised way, he will tell you everything that experts have found about these prehistoric monuments, leaving no questions unanswered to anyone in your private tour.

Evora Megalithic Tour

Duration: around 2.30h
Tour difficulty: easy

Prices shown per vehicle, for your group. We don’t mix people from different groups. This is our way to maintain the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients, something we are very proud of. Maximum capacity of each vehicle is 7 people plus the driver/guide. Lunch is not included in any of the tours below.

EVORA MEGALITHIC TOUR – departures from Evora – 110€

  • Pick-up in Evora (hotel, public transportation station,…)
  • Almendres Cromlech
  • Almendres Menhir
  • Viewpoint Alto S. Bento
  • Drop-off in Evora (hotel, public transportation station,…)
Join us also on a Walking Tour in Evora


Guided Tour in Evora route highlights – St. Francisco Church, Bones Chapel (admission price not included – 6€/adult), Graça Convent and Church, Giraldo Square, Domus Municipalis, Roman Baths, Santa Isabel city gate, Mouraria – Moorish Quarter, Agua de Prata Aqueduct, Roman Temple, Cathedral (admission price not included – 3,50€), Moura city gate, Espirito Santo Church, Evora University (Colégio do Espírito Santo).

This combination of the two guided visits can take all day, with a pause for lunch (not included).

EVORA MEGALITHIC TOUR – departures from Lisbon

If you want to get to Evora departing from Lisbon, you can combine our transfer services with the Megalithic Tour.

  • 270 € – Transfer Lisbon-Evora + Megalithic Tour + transfer to Evora
  • 370 € – Transfer Lisbon-Evora + Evora guided visit on foot (2.30h) + Megalithic Tour + transfer to Evora
  • 410 € – Transfer Lisbon-Evora + Megalithic Tour + transfer Evora-Lisbon in the same day
  • 500 € – Transfer Lisbon-Evora + Evora guided visit on foot (2.30h) + Megalithic Tour + transfer Evora-Lisbon in the same day

The price of any of the tours which involve an Evora tour on foot doesn’t include the amount of 8€ per adult to enter the cathedral and the Bones Chapel. Follow this link to see the detailed itinerary of our Evora guided tour on foot.

If you wish to visit other points of interest in Alentejo (like wineries, for example), send us your suggestion. We will do everything in our reach to offer you an excellent day in Evora and Alentejo, Portugal.

  • Our tours are completely private and you will be always accompanied by a local guide speaking in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
  • Possibility to do the tour starting in other cities in Alentejo and throughout Portugal (request a quote)
  • The route is held by a tour operator partner of Visitevora, to whom we associated because we consider it the best option in this kind of tours

Fill in the contact form below to book, ask us questions or suggest any alterations to the Evora Megalithic Tour. We would be happy to help plan your stay in our region.

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