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Offroad Motorbike Tours in Alentejo – south of Portugal for adventurers

The Alentejo is, without a doubt, the perfect scenario to live an adventure contact with nature. At the controls of an off-road motorbike, speed dictates your type of experience, your journey. Speed up a little to spice up the challenge, slow down to take in the wonderful landscapes that the roads reveal at every turn.

Riding a motorbike through the fields of Alentejo has never been so easy and safe. The team that will guide you, just like you, lives the passion for offroad motorcycles in a very special way. They have been exploring the dirt roads all over the Alentejo for about 25 years, from the interior to the Atlantic coast. They have been organising multi-day expeditions for more than 15 years. Their main focus is southern Portugal but a few times a year they are seduced by the legendary Dakar and hit the trails of the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

This team gets their fuel from the joy of the participants on their motorbike rides, with whom they also share a taste for the Alentejo’s gastronomy. After the kilometres/miles covered in expeditions that last several days, the amazing Alentejo food is accompanied by the exceptional wines of the Alentejo. Often, the colour of the sunset salutes the determination and skills of the bikers. The night brings the deserved rest in selected hotels or rural tourism facilities. The following day demands restored energies.

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 Motorbike tours in the Alentejo countryside – itineraries 

The routes we suggest below were created for people like you. People in love with two wheels. Pure adventurers. The routes have been specially created to provide fantastic experiences riding an enduro motorbike in Alentejo, off road, making you a leading character in the scenery that surrounds you. Always accompanied by an experienced guide, of course!

The tours last between half a day and 5 days. But the memories of the moments among the nature of southern Portugal and its gastronomy and traditions endure forever.

Escape Ride

A short 3h/4h incursion through the trails of Sierra d’Ossa, in a circuit starting near Évora. An excellent experience for those with little time available or for beginners who are initiating their off-road experiences on enduro motorbikes and want the Alentejo to be one of their first journeys. The route is suitable for all levels of riding and is accompanied very closely in the field by the monitor/guide after previous theoretical and practical training.

  • Duration: half a day (morning or afternoon)
  • Price/person: 80€ (own bike) / 200€ (rented bike) – discounts for groups
  • Minimum of participants: 2 (with rented motorbike)
  • Dates: upon request and availability

Ossa Spirit Tour

This motorbike route in Alentejo is ideal for a weekend in the region. Suitable for all levels of offroad experience, it is based in Evora. The first day goes through the local forest along fantastic zigzags between cork oaks and holm oaks. The highlights of this day are the climb to the historical village of Monsaraz, the tracks by the Alqueva Lake and the riding on typical stretches of the Reguengos Baja.

The second day climbs to the top of the Sierra d’Ossa after going over very technical roads and fire breaks. But there is also some riding on calmer and faster tracks. The use of the GPS is guaranteed.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Approximate distance: 400 km / 250 mi
  • Price/person: 495€ (own bike) / 815€ (rented bike)
  • Minimum of participants: 2
  • Dates: November 18 – November 20 (other dates upon request and availability)

Epic Montargil

This tour is also based in Evora. To the incursions through Monsaraz, the Alqueva Lake and the Sierra d’Ossa of the previous motorbike tour (Ossa Spirit Tour), a day is added through the unforgettable area around the Montargil Dam, an off-road icon in Portugal. To get there, you have to pass through the famous village of Arraiolos and take the snaking roads in pure enjoyment of hard terrain or slippery sand. After Montargil, the return to Evora passing through the Maranhão Dam has large holes that encourage controlled jumps.

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Approximate distance: 600 km / 370 mi
  • Price/person: 650€ (own bike) / 1115€ (rented bike)
  • Minimum of participants: 2
  • Dates: November 17 – November 20 (other dates upon request and availability)

Big Lake Tour

An absolutely delicious and varied route. An endless number of reasons to fall in love with the Alentejo. And with this offroad expedition, which will take you from the endless plains of the Alentejo to the mountains of the Algarve. Also add a passage by the magnificent Alqueva Lake, which names the tour.

In this motorbike odyssey, it is you who sets the pace since the path is mapped out in the GPS. The first day conquers the terrain between Evora and Vila Nova de Santo André. In between there are easy and fun dirt roads, the more challenging Valverde Sierra and Grândola Sierra, as well as some shallow sandy stretches. The second day is dedicated to take the bike through deep sandy tracks chosen by some professional riders to train for the Dakar (there are easier alternatives). Harder roads lead to Odemira, after crossing the St. Luís mountain range. The goal of this stage is a rural tourism in Almodôvar. But to win this reward you need to go deep in the Monchique mountains, between the Alentejo and the Algarve.

In the heart of Alentejo, the third day already heads north, towards Moura. The tracks are initially winding and fun, crossing some deep rivers. Sometimes the horizon seems unreachable. Until the landscape changes again and endless olive groves appear. The last day of this motorbike tour in the Alentejo offers us the majesty of Alqueva Lake, the largest artificial lake in Europe, and its banks before ascending to the medieval town of Monsaraz. The return to the starting point of the tour, the city of Evora, goes across a variety of fantastic terrains.

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Approximate distance: 800 km / 500 mi
  • Price/person: 870€ (own bike) / 1415€ (rented bike)
  • Minimum of participants: 4
  • Dates: September 20 – September 24 / November 27 – December 1 (other dates upon request and availability)

A good physical condition is advised for this enduro ride in the Alentejo, Portugal.

Atlantic Odyssey Tour

An expedition for experienced riders who consider 5 days offroad enduro motorbike riding an irresistible challenge. Starting and ending in Evora, this tour is designed to cross the Alentejo countryside and the breathtaking Vicentine Coast but also passing through the Algarve hills and arriving at the southernmost sea in Portugal.

The first day of the longest motorcycle tour available in the Alentejo crosses the fields from Evora to Lousal. The tracks are wide but also undulating with some sandy sections. The second stage continues to Portimão. The riding fun is guaranteed initially by sandy tracks and, further on, by more technical sections of curves and counter-curves. The highlights of the day are immense: St. Luís Sierra, a piece of the Rota Vicentina, “Pego das Pias”, the wonderful views over Odeceixe, Monchique Sierra.

Day three is entirely spent crossing the Algarve between Portimão and Tavira, on a very technical route through the Algarve hills, trialled areas, dam banks,… On day four we head north, back to the Alentejo. The destination, Albernoa, arrives only after the return to the plains, the crossing of creeks and dry riverbeds, the following of the Guadiana River until the stunning town of Mértola, the visit of Pulo do Lobo (Wolf’s Jump).

The last day of this motorbike expedition in Portugal covers the way back to Evora. The highlights are Serpa, Pias, Moura, the Alqueva lake dam, Monsaraz. The paths vary between wide roads and undulating stretches. An excellent way to spend time among friends mastering something as fascinating as a motorbike.

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Approximate distance: 1000 km / 620 mi
  • Price/person: 990€ (own bike) / 1715€ (rented bike)
  • Minimum of participants: 4
  • Dates: October 15 – October 20

A good physical condition is advised for this enduro ride in the Alentejo, Portugal.

Raid TransAlenTTejo

This raid takes place in special editions that bring together 30 to 50 more experienced and autonomous pilots. For more information, please fill in the form below.

 Offroad motorbike tours in Alentejo – conditions 

Motorbikes available for rental – 8 KTM 450 EXC (2018, 2019 and 2020 models).

Participants on their own motorbikes can join the tours.


  • 4-star hotel or rural accommodation (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 nights – depending on the programme) – except Escape Ride Tour
  • Meals (according to programmes) – except for the Escape Ride Tour
  • GPS installed in all motorbikes
  • Liability insurance (on rented motorbikes)
  • Group personal accident insurance for all participants

Assistance and support

  • Guide on motorbike
  • Briefing with a summary of the stage
  • Training on how to use the GPS
  • Assistance vehicle with mechanic and spare parts


  • Gas / Petrol
  • Drinks (except water)
  • Transfers
  • Everything not mentioned as included


  • Driving license required on all tours as there are tarmac connections (except Escape Ride Tour)
  • Off-road equipment available for rent
We also suggest motorbike tours in Morocco

    If you read this page about enduro motorbike expeditions, you most probably:

  • remember the incredible Moroccan tracks of the Paris-Dakar Rally;
  • have a fascination for the Sahara desert;
  • dream of climbing huge sand desert dunes up and down like those of Erg Chebbi;
  • are adventurous.
  • If, but only if, this is your case, accept the challenge and ask us for more information about 5 or 6 day motorbike expeditions in Morocco. A biker’s dream has to come true!

Fill in the contact form to book or ask us questions about motorbike tours in Alentejo (Portugal) or Morocco.

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