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alentejo olive oil tasting
Olive oil tasting in Evora, Alentejo - Portugal

Olive oil tasting in Alentejo, Portugal

An olive oil tasting in Alentejo, Portugal, is an activity which many visitors are looking for these days. Why? Because it is something so natural and authentic in this region. Because the olive trees have been in Alentejo for thousands of years and because the olive oil produced here is of outstanding quality.

To visit wine cellars is now a tourist activity in the Alentejo since Alentejo wine has won so many awards world-wide. Today, you can also visit an olive oil mill (or press) to get to know the process used to transform olives into olive oil.

But the activity we propose you in this page is not related to a visit to one of these places where the industrial production of olive oil is made. Quite the opposite.

Our Alentejo olive oil tasting suggestion

Our suggestion is that you get in personal touch with the incredible story of a small producer in love with his old olive grove with more than 6 decades.

Have a nice talk around two always attentive olive trees with over 1000 years of age. In this property, olives are picked by hand and processed the same day to keep all the best olive oil characteristics. Such features make olive oil a natural product highly beneficial for people’s health. Something you should definitely include in your family’s diet.


The low production in the property where the olive oil tasting takes place respects the best agricultural practices. This is one of the secrets for the high quality of the exclusive extra virgin olive oil with 0.1 acidity you will enjoy in your tasting experience of this “nectar” made from “azeitona galega”, an olive variety native of Portugal. The other secret… it becomes obvious for those who visit the small farm: the love the family feels for the olive grove planted 3 generations ago.

The dedication has naturally brought success, through the recognition of the quality of the product by some chefs, the fact that it is sold on gourmet shops in different parts of the country, because it was already mentioned in books dedicated to the best olive oils in Portugal and for winning the gold medal for the best virgin olive oil from Galega olives (in 2019) at the “Portuguese Oliveculture National Fair”.

Olive oil tasting in Alentejo – Photos

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Visit the farm for olive oil tastings

The number of olive oil tastings has been increasingly growing in number on this producer’s farm. This Alentejo product makes everybody who visits the region curious about it. Besides that, the authenticity of the whole experience the family has the pleasure to offer makes it a must.

So, don’t go there if what you would like to see is an oil press. Seize the moment while you are staying in Alentejo to visit the farm. Expect to find:

  • A small farm in the peaceful Alentejo countryside (accessible by car)
  • A nice conversation about Alentejo, the olive grove and the olive oil
  • An extra virgin olive oil tasting that stimulates your senses with its delicate flavours of green apple, tomato and nuts
  • Genuine friendliness and good mood
  • Delicious regional products tasting (optional)

Where is the olive oil tasting?

The tasting is held precisely at the farm where the olive trees are planted. It is near Azaruza, at a distance of around 12.5 mi (20 km) from Evora. It is always less than 28 mi (45 km) from cities and villages that many tourists also visit in Alentejo: Evoramonte, Arraiolos, Estremoz, Vila Viçosa or Redondo. Getting there by car is extremely easy.

How much do the olive oil tastings in Alentejo cost?

  • Olive oil tasting (2-4 people) – 10€/pax
  • Olive oil tasting (4+ people) – 8€/pax

Approximate duration of the olive oil tastings: 75 minutes.

While you’re in the Alentejo, you’ll want to have lunch or a snack to try the cuisine of the region. Take the opportunity to try local products and dishes the “alentejanos” only eat at their grandparents’ house. The best conversations always happen while sitting at the table!

  • Olive oil tasting with regional products tasting (cheese and sausage board) – 35€/pax
  • Olive oil tasting with regional products tasting, including lunch – 50€/pax

Approximate duration of the olive oil tastings with a meal: 120 minutes.

Children: 0 to 6 years old – free; 7 to 12 years old – 50% discount.
All prices shown per person. Tastings are only available if booked 1/2 days in advance.

After any of the tastings, you can also buy olive oil bottles to take home a little bit of your experience in Alentejo.

This activity is organised and held by the producer himself. Visitevora associated with these family activities because we think they represent a memorable experience for those who want to know Alentejo and like to have an excellent olive oil bottle at their table.

  • Fill in the contact form.
  • Make your booking and come taste Alentejo olive oil while you have a nice conversation about olive groves.
  • Contact us for more information at a personal or travel agency level.

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