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Car parking in Evora

Car parking in Evora, where to park

Parking in Evora can be a hard task for those who don’t know the city. The historic centre is an entanglement of streets, some of them quite narrow. People who visit Evora by car (their own or a rental) for the first time will need a bit of help choosing the car park with the best location. That is why you need these tips. Especially because you can’t possibly scratch out Evora from your list of what to do in Alentejo.

Evora parking lots outside the city ramparts

In the historic centre of this medieval town, some street have car traffic, some haven’t. But, sometimes, where you are allowed to drive, not all cars can fit… In the centre, inside Evora ramparts, parking is charged and limited.

When you visit the city, it will take quite a bit of time to see the monuments, taste Alentejo food, buy something in local shops and choose a souvenir to remind you of Evora. To really take your time in this relaxed city, you should use the parking lots outside Evora ramparts.

One of the best options is the one in Portas da Lagoa, next to the Agua de Prata Aqueduct. Not only is it near the historic centre, but its access is the easiest one because there are no steep streets to go up like in most other car parks.

Evora parking lots in the city centre, inside the ramparts

Inside the city walls, there are places to park your car but not so many. At certain hours of the day, it can be difficult to find a parking space. Places are also charged Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 19.30 and on Saturdays from 9.00 to 14.00. In this time frame, there may also be some time limit parking. Outside the above mentioned times and timetable, parking in Evora is free and doesn’t have any time limit. Parking meters are well visible in the historic centre.

parking Evora
Car parking near Agua de Prata Aqueduct

Inside the city walls, there are a few reserved places for guests in Evora hotels, drivers with disabilities and residents. Pay attention to traffic signs and e careful not to use those parking spaces which are not addressed to you because otherwise you can be fined.

Evora parking areas map

This map of Evora includes some free parking lots, as well as paid car parks and zones (indoors and outdoors). To better understand the map, you must read the explanation below.

  • Car – free parking lots or areas in the street
  • Green pin – parking areas recommended by VisitEvora
  • Purple pin – our favourite parking lot, in Portas da Lagoa
  • Red pin – indoors paid parking lot
  • Yellow pin – very central and mostly available paid parking area but with a difficult access, especially for big cars
  • Red lines – outdoors paid parking areas

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