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Portuguese Cooking Class in Évora, Alentejo

Since you are a food lover looking to experience traditional Portuguese food firsthand, a cooking class in Évora, Alentejo, is a must-try. As you know, Portugal is rich in culinary heritage. And nowhere is this more evident than in Alentejo, famous for its hearty and rustic cuisine, featuring local ingredients. Among many, you will recognise olive oil, garlic, onion, bread, pork, and herbs.

Our cooking workshops offer you the opportunity to learn how to prepare authentic and typical Portuguese dishes. With emphasis on Alentejo food, of course. Because poverty was once a reality in this region, which made the imagination of people run free to create simple but amazing recipes of natural flavours known today across Portugal.

A cosy and fun Portuguese Cooking Class in Évora

You may ask “What makes this specific cooking class special?“. Well, for now, you will have to use your imagination.

You will be welcomed at your host’s sunny kitchen with a view towards the vegetable garden, from where most ingredients are selected directly according to seasons. Let us just say that farm-to-table consists of a 30-second trip

Don’t expect to simply listen to the chef explaining everything about Portuguese gastronomy, the food culture or conventual historic recipes. This is a hands-on experience. A step-by-step class on the Mediterranean food you have heard so much about with the assistance of a helpful and friendly chef passionate for showing you how spices, herbs, main ingredients and love join together to form the patrimony of a people.

And you will not have to wait until the end to try the delicacies you helped to prepare. Cooking and eating blend perfectly throughout the whole experience. Just like you remember grandma’s food experience.

While cooking the traditional 3-course meal, joyful conversations will come up. Precisely what UNESCO had in mind when considering the Mediterranean Diet as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is all about food that respects biodiversity and the land but also about the reinforcement of family ties and friendship while enjoying a meal together and sharing life stories. This is why our Portuguese Cooking Class is appropriate for both small and large groups. Let it happen with local wine (or another drink of choice) in your glass to make the experience whole.

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Traditional Portuguese Cuisine Class – the highlights

Maybe you haven’t tried our home food yet. And maybe booking a Portuguese food workshop without leaving home is not an easy decision. But we are sure you do love eating and cooking is a passion. Besides, having new learning experiences is the reason you travel in the first place!

Go through the highlights below and realise that this Portuguese Cooking Class is for you.

  • Find a knowledgeable enthusiastic chef with authentic kindness and positive attitude in a cosy environment.
  • Discover the Alentejo customs by experiencing the classic regional dishes we prepare reflecting our heritage.
  • Learn true Portuguese cooking techniques and recipes that honour seasons and are easy to replicate at home.
  • Prepare a 3-course hands-on typical Portuguese cooking meal that includes starters, fish and meat dishes and dessert.
  • Get busy no matter your experience level.
  • Cook and eat and cook and eat while talking and having fun.

With the variety of Portuguese cuisine, we can create a menu that meets your dietary restrictions, ensuring a delicious and suitable meal for you. Just let us know in the message field below.

Where is the Portuguese Cooking Class?

The location could hardly be more convenient, just a 2-minute walk from one of the gates of the old medieval wall of Évora. You can drive there too and park the car at the entrance. You will be welcomed at your host’s own small farm.

Who is your host?

Sofia loves cooking. And eating. And sharing her/our traditions. After being a tour guide in Portugal and other countries, she had a restaurant in Évora for 15 years. Then she decided to open the doors of her farm to people like you, interested in finding more about Portuguese culture. This is how she combines her appetite for sharing her knowledge with cooking great food.

How much are the Portuguese Food Cooking Classes?

  • Groups 2-4 persons – 150€/pax
  • Groups 5-9 persons – 130€/pax
  • Groups larger than 10 persons – upon request

All prices shown per person. Price includes all ingredients and utensils, the meal and drinks (local wine/soda/water).

Approximate duration of the cooking class (eating included 😀): 2.30h.

Suggested time to start – 11am for lunch or 6pm for dinner (do ask for another time if needed).

This activity is organised and held by the cook herself. VisitEvora associated with her because we think she has a magnificent and unforgettable experience for lovers of the fine art of cooking… and eating.

Fill in the contact form below. Make your (private or agency) booking or ask us questions about the cooking class experience in Évora. We wish we could try the food you are going to prepare.

Food restrictions in your group? (Specify on the message box)

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