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Experience the Roman culture in Evora at In Acqua Veritas Spa

Roman Baths In Acqua Veritas Spa | Evora, Portugal

In a city like Evora, whose symbol and most famous monument is the Roman Temple, travellers have become accustomed to finding traces of this people. Here, the settlement Ebora Liberalitas Julia was established, which would become crucial for the domination of the Iberian Peninsula until the third century AD.

Those who are fascinated by the rich past of Roman civilization will be able to observe it (in addition to the obvious temple) in Evora Museum, in Cerca Velha (Old Wall) or in the Roman Thermal Baths in the City Hall building. But to really feel part of history, you will have to look for an experience in Evora that brings the past into the present.

Therefore, In Acqua Veritas Spa was born, recreating the atmosphere of the Roman thermal baths, essential in the life of the Romans. This was the space where the citizens talked, socialised and even negotiated. It was precisely in the baths that the concept of spa began, which is related to salus per aquam or sanus per aquam, establishing a fundamental relationship between water and health/physical well-being.

In Acqua Veritas Spa is both a unique experience in all of Portugal and the ideal place to relax after your explorations in Evora and throughout the Alentejo. Inside, memories of your trip are built and become eternal.

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Overview of the Roman Baths In Acqua Veritas Spa

In Acqua Veritas Spa – The Atmosphere

In Acqua Veritas Spa is located on the ground floor of a magnificent building from the 18th-19th century. Its restoration and adaptation has maintained the unique beauty of the vaults and arches that contribute so much to the magical atmosphere of the interior. Everything was carefully planned for you to continue to feel the history of the city of Evora.

From top to bottom, the marble used in the finishing touches reminds us that we are in the Alentejo. You have already seen it (or will see it) in some of the region’s roads.

In Acqua Veritas Spa – The Experience

The space is there uniquely for you. Always in exclusivity, either for you alone or for your own group, imagine entering an acclimatised environment where music complements the soothing sound of the waterfalls. Intimate lights enhance the architecture or illuminate the interior of the several pools. Each of these can have a tone that identifies its temperature… The treatments of the Roman Spa (and the In Acqua Veritas Spa), consist precisely in alternating between three pools of different temperatures.

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Moments to renew your energy in the warm water pool

The warm water pool, tepidarium, starts by giving you a feeling of relaxation. Its 90°F (32°C) are perfect for you to stay inside most of your time. For an even more intense effect of muscle relaxation, enter the caldarium. The hot water, at about 104ºF (40ºC), leads to vasodilatation, improving blood flow and opening the pores. This way, your skin is able to regenerate.

Then, soak in the frigidarium. This water, at about 61ºF (16ºC), works as a stimulus for your skin and scalp. The cold makes your body stop sweating and closes the pores. In addition, and above all, the increased heart rate causes the acceleration of blood circulation. As a result, you feel reinvigorated.

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The captivating atmosphere of the massage space

Maximizing the benefits for your well-being, the water jets of the swimming pools tonify and relax your body. For a full experience, also enjoy the restful and recovering touch of a massage.

In between baths, because we are in the Alentejo, have a cup of tea or a glass of wine and try a selection of regional products.

roman baths wine tasting
The Winter Garden of In Acqua Veritas Spa, perfect to drink a cup of tea or a glass of Alentejo wine

This is a must-have experience for people who are looking for unique sensations and for those who recognise the importance of a moment of rest while they are travelling. Check out the In Acqua Veritas Spa website and you will have access to promotions on certain dates and gift cards for very special people.

Roman Baths In Acqua Veritas Spa - Information
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  • Sundays to Thursdays – 10.00h-22.00h; Fridays and Saturdays – 10.00h-23.00h.

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