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Rural Tourism in Evora and Alentejo, sleeping in the countryside

Rural tourism in Evora and Alentejo, sleeping in the countryside

Rural tourism in Evora and Alentejo makes perfect sense. Right in the heart of the region, Evora is located in an area which invites us to appreciate nature and live our time at our own speed.

Which place other than the never-ending plains around Evora would be better to rest or exercise a bit? Let’s find out how rural tourism is done in Alentejo.

It feels good to be in the countryside – Evora and Alentejo

There are several possibilities for you to enjoy rural tourism in Alentejo to the fullest and recharge your batteries. Whichever the season of the year may be.

rural tourism alentejo evora
Agrotourism in Alentejo
  • Turismo de Habitação (home-stay tourism, guest houses): manor houses or with exquisite architecture showing quality furniture and decoration.
  • Turismo Rural (country houses, farm houses, B&B): private houses/farms in rural areas which take guests. The owners may of may not live there.
  • Agroturismo (Agrotourism): house on a farming operation estate. Many times, agrotourism is distinguished by allowing tourists to work on the farm.

Accommodation in small villages in Alentejo

Sleeping on a small village of Alentejo is an amazing experience that allows tourists to enjoy the pleasures of living near the countryside. On an authentic environment of small houses. These villages weren’t built from scratch. They once were the homes of families in Alentejo.

Sleeping in one of these small villages for some days is unforgettable. The perfect way to rest and hang out with family and friends. While making your temporary neighbours your new friends. The list below represents some suggestions for this type of accommodation.

  • Amieira do Tejo (Nisa)
  • Escoural (Montemor-o-Novo)
  • Evoramonte (Estremoz)
  • Flor da Rosa (Crato)
  • Hortinhas (Alandroal)
  • Pias (Serpa)
  • Porto da Espada (Marvão)
  • Telheiro (Reguengos de Monsaraz)
  • Santa Susana (Alcácer do Sal)
  • São Cristóvão (Montemor-o-Novo)
  • São Gregório (Borba)
  • Terena (Alandroal)
  • Juromenha (Alandroal)
  • Alegrete (Portalegre)
monsaraz rural tourism
The view from Monsaraz, one of the Alqueva’s riverside villages – Countryside tourism in Alentejo

Rural Tourism in Alentejo – Aldeias Ribeirinhas do Alqueva (Riverside Villages in Alqueva)

Alqueva Dam is the largest artificial lake in Europa, located only around 65 km (40 mi) from Evora.

The areas near this gigantic mass of water are called Terras do Grande Lago (Lands of the Big Lake). On them we find 16 Riverside Villages, many with Rural Tourism in extremely peaceful places where it is easy to see the greatest night sky in the world, starlit like no other.

These Riverside Villages are the following:

  • Aldeia da Luz
  • Alqueva
  • Amieira
  • Campinho
  • Capelins
  • Estrela
  • Granja
  • Juromenha
  • Marmelar
  • Mina da Orada
  • Monsaraz
  • Monte do Trigo
  • Pedrogão
  • Póvoa de São Miguel
  • São Marcos do Campo
  • Telheiro
  • (in Spain there are two more, Cheles and Villareal).

If you wish to spend the night in a truly unheard place and have a story to tell about Alentejo, try the house-boats of Amieira Marina and sleep in the middle of the Great Lake of Alqueva or where you decide to set anchor. No previous experience required.

Countryside tourism – the choice is yours

Whatever you choice may be to try rural tourism in Evora and Alentejo, you can count on the friendliness of the people, delicious Alentejo food, tranquility. In this type of tourism in the countryside, the goal is always to be in touch with nature, agriculture and local traditions.

Everything set in a rural familiar environment that many visitors look for when they come to Evora and the whole Alentejo. Hospitality is the key word here. Are you also keen on a little bit of adventure? Don’t worry. Many estates also propose activities like hikes or mountain bike rides, birdwatching,…

Among estates, country houses, farms, manor houses, resorts and nature parks, the really difficult task will be to choose the best place for Rural Tourism in Alentejo. To help you find it, we make some suggestions and wish you an unforgettable stay in Alentejo.

You can also use the following search box to find other options of rural tourism in Alentejo. If you wish to research on a more narrow area, just replace “Alentejo” for the name of the city or village. Have a nice rest!

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