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skydiving evora
Skydiving Evora - Tandem jump on the Alentejo skies.

Skydiving in Evora Alentejo

Skydiving in Evora is only one of the activities that proves that there are many reasons to visit Evora. Even for the daring! Because there is a lot of adrenaline over here!

Every body immediately associates Alentejo with tranquility. But jumping out of an aeroplane and seeing Evora from above and all the surrounding fields is… unforgettable. And completely safe. My own father, at 64 years old, had his first tandem skydiving or parachuting experience. After this dream chased him all his life. And he will do it again! Soon!

skydive evora plane
Plane in Evora airfield.

What is tandem skydiving or tandem parachuting?

Basically, a tandem skydive is the easiest way to sky jump. After you have some training on the ground with the instructor, you are able to jump from up to 13,500 feet (around 4,200 metres) connected to the experienced instructor. All you need to do is enjoy the view and the adrenaline rush.

During a minute or so, you fall at 120 mi/h (200 km/h)… After the parachute opens, you can see Evora and the amazing landscape for 5 to 7 minutes while you slowly go down. If you want to get some photos of the jump, you can hire a cameraflyer. Get proof and a souvenir of the day you went skydiving in Evora.

evora parachuting airfield
Getting on the plane. Here we come, adrenaline!

Other ways to skydive in Evora

Besides the first step tandem jump, other more advanced options are available to go skydiving in Evora.

– Automatic Opening Course – theory, jumps, equipment
– Free Falling Courses – levels 1-8
– Jumps for licensed parachuters with their own equipment

If skydiving is too much for you, you can also go on a spectacular plane ride over Evora. Maybe this could be your first flight. Routes can take you flying over the vast Alqueva Lake, Evora or other historical places in Alentejo, Portugal.

tandem skydiving evora
Evora Skydiving – photo on the ground.

Evora Airfield Map – Evora Skydiving

Evora Airfield is located only 2.5 mi (4 km) from the city on road N254 (Evora – Aguiar – Viana do Alentejo), right next to Embraer factory, the third biggest aeronautical company in the world. The airfield has a paved landing runway and a secondary one. There is also a coffee shop where you can have a drink before/after your jump.

Invite your friends to join you. Challenge your family to have a rest in Evora, visit the city and try skydiving. You will always remember these adventures.

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