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Skydiving Alentejo, Parachute jump Portugal - Tandem Evora

Skydiving Alentejo, Parachute jump Portugal – Tandem Evora

Skidiving in Alentejo is much more than an incredible explosion of adrenaline. If, for you, feeling truly alive means presenting yourself with challenges, a skydiving experience in Evora is your opportunity to enjoy the sensations that only Alentejo birds have access to… Although courageous people like you get to feel them too.

To Skydive literally means to take a leap of faith and dive into the sky. That’s exactly what you will do: jump off a plane and free fall in Alentejo. The endless landscapes will soothe your heart’s rapid beating, full of pride. The magnificent view over Evora will be exclusive.

Dare to do your initiation in skydiving through a tandem jump, always accompanied by an instructor. Then, come back more often and become a real skydiver taking a certified course. The sky will no longer be your limit.

Why skydiving in Evora?

There is a very clear reason for the existence of a skydiving school in Evora: the possibility of jumping almost all year round due to the excellent weather conditions in Alentejo. No wonder the Federação Portuguesa de Paraquedismo (Portuguese Skydiving Federation) has its headquarters in this city. In fact, parachuting in Lisbon, for example, is not possible due to the proximity of the international airport. And Evora is so close to Lisbon.

Evora also has a strong cultural component of a UNESCO world heritage city. It is therefore extremely appealing to spend a few days in one of its many hotels and explore the region. Perfect for enjoying a memorable time with family or friends, before or after parachute jumping.

Tandem Alentejo (Portugal) – learn more

We are sure that you already almost feel the thrill of the wind in your face and of entering an environment you are not used to. But, we imagine, you still have some doubts about what a tandem jump is.

What will your tandem jump be like?

In a tandem jump, the passenger jumps from an aeroplane connected to the instructor through four extremely strong attachments. The whole experience begins on the ground. Through a short briefing, you will learn not only all the procedures but also how to make the most of every moment of your parachute jump. This is what you have been looking forward for so long.

The plane will take you to the blue sky, from where you will observe the impressive fields of Alentejo on the outskirts of Evora. Together with the instructor, approach the open doors with your pulse already rising and… jump and free fall from your chosen altitude. Skydive in Evora! Admire the world around you.

With the parachute open, experience the peace and quiet that fills you. This is when you think that you should have been a skydiver all your life. And you can even control the parachute yourself. Getting to the ground will be the ultimate adrenaline discharge.

Is it safe to skydive?

Skydiving is an extremely safe activity. Among the team of instructors, there are thousands of jumps of experience and prizes in Portuguese freefall competitions, as well as participation in world championships.

The instructors are certified by the Portuguese Skydiving Federation and the equipment used in the skydiving school complies with all regulations, being regularly inspected and duly authenticated.

Can everyone skydive?

To do a tandem jump in Evora, or in another area of Portugal, you do not need any kind of experience. The only thing you need is to have that dream and contact us. You must be over 16 years old but, if under 18, the legal guardian can authorize it. It is recommended to have up to 220lbs (100kg). Please, let us know if you are above that weight.

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Skydiving Alentejo – prices

Tandem jumps Evora

The price of tandem jumps in Evora depends on the altitude you wish to challenge yourself from. The decision is very simple. The higher you go, the more time you have to adapt, control your enthusiasm and feel free as a bird.

  • Tandem jump at 10000 feet (3000m) (free fall – 10/15 seconds) – 155€
  • Tandem jump at 13800 feet (4200m) (free fall – 50/60 seconds) – 179€
  • Tandem jump at 16400 feet (5000m) (free fall – 70/75 seconds) – 199€

Tandem jumps – price of photos and video
What we are today reflects the experiences we have already lived. That is why it is so important that we relive those moments. The photographs and video of your parachute jump in Evora will help you to remember and see, from a different perspective, what happened on the day you decided to try skydiving. Enjoy it and show your friends that it is always worth being bold.

  • Handycam photos or video – 60€
  • Handycam photos + video – 90€
  • External camera photos or video – 115€
  • External camera + video – 155€
  • Full Package (handycam and external camera) – 205€

Bookings can be made up to 24 hours in advance. All parachute jumps in Evora are made by an operator partner of Visitevora, to whom we associated because we consider it an excellent option in this kind of activities.

Fill in the contact form to book or ask us some more details. Come with us and try parachuting in Alentejo.

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