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Where to buy souvenirs in Evora

Buying Evora souvenirs is something you absolutely need to do when you visit the city! For yourself or for family and friends, there is surely something you will want to take home with you from Evora to remember times well spent and, of course, awaken the desire to come back.

Buy souvenirs Evora
Evora Souvenirs, 5 de outubro street

The suggestions you will find in this page about where to buy souvenirs in Evora are only the beginning for your discoveries, a bit like a real treasure hunting. Pay attention while you cover the cobbled streets. There may be a precious finding in every corner.

Buying typical food or wine in Evora

The minute you taste the Alentejo dishes and confectionery products, you will be in love. If, for you, buying souvenirs of Evora has to do with the delicacies you tasted here, look for a coffee shop or even a supermarket to take home traditional sausage or cheese from this region.

Buy souvenirs Evora
More contemporary souvenirs from Evora

In some pastries you will also find those typical sweets which you tried during your visit. These can very well be the memories of Evora that will keep you coming back. And coming back. Try to find what you look for, for example, in Café Arcada on in Pastelaria Pão de Rala. Or even in gourmet shops like Boa Boca or Divinus Gourmet.

To buy Alentejo wine, make your choice in some of the wine bars and wine shops in Evora. Or go straight to the tasting room of Rota dos Vinhos do Alentejo (Wine Route) or to Adega da Cartuxa (Cartuxa Wine Cellar). If you are passionate about the nectar of gods, the best thing to do is to do some serious investigation about Enotourism in Alentejo.

Buying Alentejo handicraft and other products

Are there any better souvenirs from Evora than Alentejo handicraft, modern or tradicional, or natural products which combine the riches of the lands with the generous climate? You can buy these types of products all over town but there are areas in the historic centre dedicated to selling them for decades.

Evora souvenirs
Blankets, pottery, tiles, postcards,…

Alentejo furniture, items made of cork, leather or horn, pottery, tapestry. The pure traditional or the meeting between old and contemporaneous design. Take home a postcard of the city too.

To buy souvenirs of Evora head mostly to 5 de outubro street, to Romão Ramalho street or to Evora market in 1º de maio square. You have a lot to choose from. But friendliness will be the same, wherever you go.

Map Buying souvenirs in Evora

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