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Alentejo wine, Portugal wine

alentejo wine evora

Alentejo wine, the excellent and renowned mature wine from Alentejo, is only one more of the riches of this land. There are even connoisseurs that say that these are probably the best wines in the world. Nothing better than tasting them, especially if you can do it together with Alentejo food. Or with any of the products in these lands. For example, cheese and wine… …

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Dom Joaquim Restaurant in Evora – Traditional Alentejo Food

restaurant evora alentejo

If you would like to find a restaurant in Evora serving Alentejo traditional food that imprints the flavours of this land in your memory, you should do like the people who live in the city. We have long elected Dom Joaquim Restaurant as an excellent place to fall in love with our fine cuisine, always accompanied by Alentejo wines which make the desire to come …

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Alentejo food, gastronomy in Alentejo Portugal

gastronomy alentejo food

Alentejo food… Ah! Restaurants in Evora are the ideal place for visitors to be introduced to Alentejo gastronomy. In this region, it is well-known, the cuisine is a must. The reason is simple: delicious ingredients from Alentejo together with the wise hands of the people who have lived here for generations. In the past, life in Alentejo was very hard and the economical resources of …

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Going out at night in Evora, nightlife in Alentejo

bars pubs discos evora

Going out at night in Evora means to find a series of welcoming and cheerful places (bars or pubs, discos, cafés, terraces, wine bars) where tourists meet with Alentejo people to relax after a day walking around the city. If you sleep in a hotel in Evora at least one night and would like to go out at night, you have many different places to …

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