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Estremoz – visit the historic white city in Alentejo, Portugal

visit estremoz

Estremoz is one of the “white cities” in Alentejo. You can recognise it from far away for its white houses, spread across a hill. They are embraced by old walls and protected by the impressive donjon. The people of Estremoz are friendly and hospitable, like everybody in Alentejo, south of Portugal. The name “white city” comes from the colour of the houses but also from …

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Vila Viçosa, visit Portugal History in Alentejo

Vila Viçosa Palace

Vila Viçosa is known as the “Princess of Alentejo”, Portugal. Although small, this is one of the most precious and charming jewels of Alentejo. The village is truly an open-air museum. The name Vila Viçosa (lush village) is due to the fertility of the soils and the charming territory. This village in Alentejo Portugal is Florbela Espanca’s hometown, one of the country’s most notorious poetesses. …

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Megalithic Circuit Evora Alentejo

megalithic circuit evora alentejo

There are many megalithic monuments on the outskirts of Evora and throughout central Alentejo. This prehistoric riches in Alentejo is one of the most important in the Iberian Peninsula and even in Europe. So, it makes sense to talk about a Megalithic Circuit in Evora and consider this city as the capital of Iberian megalithic. After you quietly sleep in a hotel in Evora, go …

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Evora UNESCO World Heritage


Evora is considered world heritage by UNESCO since 1986. The main reason for this distinction is the fact that Evora is the best example of a city in the golden age of Portugal after the destruction of Lisbon in the 1955 earthquake. Evora UNESCO world heritage is a recognition of the city importance and has brought it a lot of visitors over the years. Let´s …

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Evora coat of arms | Details of the exciting town history

evora coat arms

The image of the coat of arms of Evora, like the one in any city, is intimately associated to its history. It has a lot of details and it is truly a work of art. In the interior of a golden shield, we se the horseman Geraldo Geraldes galloping on a black horse while wielding a bloody silver sword. On the bottom of Evora’s coat …

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