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When visit Evora
Largo dos Colegiais, Evora

When to visit Evora

When to visit Evora? Actually, any time of the year is great to do it. This city World Heritage UNESCO is always ready to welcome visitors from any part of the world.

There are many reasons to visit Evora, but those that any traveller remembers immediately have to do with the fantastic Alentejo food and the Alentejo wines. Well, this delicious gastronomy is always in Evora. It’s never on holidays.

When visit Evora
Largo dos Colegiais, Evora

Monuments and Evora museums are open all year round. So, there aren’t any limitations in this regard. The typical tranquility in the Alentejo part of Portugal doesn’t leave either. You can count on it. It’s a loyal friend.

For those looking for cultural events in Evora, there is much to choose from during every season of the year. Keep coming back over and over again to experience them all. At nigh, the discos and bars are always lively, no matter the temperature outside.

The only factor which can determine when to visit Evora is the weather in Alentejo. In reality, this can be important to enjoy nature on the outskirts of the city and to live a more or less radical experience.

No doubt, the temperatures of Spring and Autumn/Fall are the most pleasant. But, since the weather in Evora no longer has the seasons of the year as defined as in the old days, you would better take decisions about when to visit Evora by the minute.

Evora location makes it easy and fast to come to the city. So, you don’t even have to make big plans to visit Evora because you can get here in no time. How about now. Hit the road!!

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