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Yoga Retreat in Portugal’s Alentejo

Yoga and Portugal, yoga and Alentejo, are absolutely the perfect match. That is why this yoga retreat in Evora, the capital of Central Alentejo, is happening. Stay in the world’s first cork hotel and reunite with yourself.

Wake up with the sound of birds in the middle of the cork forest and do yoga with passionate instructors thoughtfully chosen from around the world. Feel connected with the community that is being formed for this one-week event and, together, discover the peaceful Alentejo in the South of safe Portugal.

Try the local products the yoga retreat’s chefs source from local farms where producers take pride in going organic because they love their home. Enjoy vegan and non-vegan delicacies surrounded by Mother Nature… and new friends.

Imagine such a yoga event in Portugal, a country awarded as the World’s Leading Destination. Now, picture the Alentejo, a peaceful paradise combining culture that goes back to pre-history monuments, roman temples, castle walls… Cork oak and olive trees dominate the landscape, either flat or rugged. When land meets the ocean, the wildest beaches in Europe bring the welcoming Atlantic breeze.

Your resort is located at the heart of it all, UNESCO’s World Heritage Évora. Departures will take place from here. Because exploration is also present on a mind at ease.

We are sure your imagination brought you to the perfect place. Yoga in Portugal, free from stress, on your journey to wellness, being a life-time practitioner or new to the lifestyle… Sounds like a plan. Let everything else just happen.

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Yoga retreat in Portugal – schedule in a nutshell

A schedule?? “What’s the point of having one when the motivation is to relax in sunny Alentejo?” – you might ask. Actually, you do not have to participate in all the activities the Yoga retreat in Portugal has to offer. But, we promise, they are well planned and balanced to unwind from the everyday stress you might have back at home. Either by doing yoga outdoors or discovering the countryside, the coast or historic towns.

So, even if you follow the schedule every time, this active holiday will fill you up with both energy and relaxation. If you do not, great! Remember, this time is about you.

As you can see below, the highlights of the daily activities will leave you plenty of time to seize each moment. There will be no rush during a whole week.


  • Fully-inclusive daily breakfast featuring a delicious spread of organic, local fare with vegan + non-vegan options
  • Rooftop yoga by the pool guided by hand-picked instructors from around the world


  • Fully-inclusive daily lunch featuring a delicious spread of organic, local fare with vegan + non-vegan options
  • Exploration of South Portugal throughout several excursions – charming landscapes, forest bathing amongst cork trees, Evora Guided Tour, a wonderful beach
  • Tasting of Portugal – join the workshops, try the different wine varieties, immerse yourself in the cuisine at the cooking classes, learn how a proper olive oil tasting is made,…


  • Daily dinner consisting of a curated dining experience featuring specialty chefs + authentic farm-to-table cuisine
  • Evening meditations – Finish your day with a conscious-raising meditation or sound bath experience led by one of the world-renowned instructors

What’s included in this Yoga Retreat in Alentejo

In short, pretty much everything you will need during the 6-day retreat, as you can see below. Bear in mind that the investment you will make in the best time of your life will also help a local association named Desafio Jovem, which deals with young people’s mental health. We believe strongly in giving back to the community and making a difference.

The total cost paid is for one space on the retreat and includes:

  • 6 nights accommodation in a 4-star ecoresort which integrates sustainability with world-class luxury
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (afternoon snacks and morning coffee included)
  • Access to your own personal concierge app
  • 1 Cork Yoga mat
  • Daily yoga (variety of styles)
  • Daily meditation (variety of techniques)
  • Daily shuttles to the city of Evora
  • Airport transfers to/from Évora
  • Wine tasting led by wine specialists from the Douro Valley
  • A Portuguese cooking class
  • Olive oil tasting at a local farm with a small award-winning producer
  • Wine tasting and forest bathing in fields of cork trees, on a 5-generation family owned estate
  • 1 day visit to one of Portugal’s best secret beaches
  • 1 day visit to Portugal’s most beautiful castle(s) in the Alentejo region
  • Live evening performance led by a local Portuguese musician
  • So much more that can’t be put into words!

Yoga Retreat in Portugal’s Alentejo – Prices and date

Date: October 7 to October 13, 2021


1. Essential Wellness Package (Yoga, Meals and Accomodations)
A. Single Suite/ “Travel Solo”: €3480
B. Double: total for 2 guests: €5568 (40% savings, must book together)

2. VIP Wellness Experience (all inclusive)
A. Single Suite/”Travel Solo”: €3850
B. Double: total for 2 guests: €6160 (40% savings, must book together)

  • This yoga retreat in Portugal is an exclusive partnership between Visitevora and its organisers, to whom we associated with because we consider that such an experience treasures the best of the Alentejo and allows it to bring happiness and tranquility to your life.

There’s so much more to know about this wonderful journey that joins together yoga and Portugal at Alentejo. Please, fill in the following contact form to talk to us and learn everything about this retreat.

You will be contacted very shortly with information about yours hosts, instructors, chefs, accommodation,…

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